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Thursday, June 30, 2011

When to run and when to walk?

I was at Saba's this morning and met RB, so I asked him for a Hiddush (novelty in Torah). He told me that "it is not a good thing to try to understand (question) what the Tzaddik asks a person to do. Just do it without thinking".

I thought about it and was amazed, is it not the most important thing in the world to try to understand the will of the Tzaddik?

I concluded thus:

If you understand why the Tzaddik is asking for something, then do it as well as you can, at the best time and place. If you don't understand what he is asking you, meaning that you actually dissagree.... then drop EVERYTHING and DO IT IMMEDIATELY because only by doing it, will you have a chance to understand it.

When to walk and when to run...

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