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Friday, June 17, 2011

Spying on this weeks Parsha (Torah portion)

This weeks parsha, Shilach ("send") starts with the sending of spies to the Holy Land. The spies (10 of the 12) failed in their mission, when they persuaded the Jews to reject Israel, and brought great calamity, on themselves and all the future generations. Subsequently when spies were sent, they were worried about failure so they themselves conquered the target (Parshas Chukas 21:32 Rashi). Rabbainu came to the Holy Land and conquered it for us, telling his followers that although his personal journey had been overwhelmingly full of impediments, and hardships, and demanded complete self sacrifice, subsequently for everyone else it would be much easier (even still Rabbi Nussun had his own trials making it...).

In Ebay Hanachal - Blossoms of the Springs (available for free at, the letters Saba Yisroel sent to the President of Israel, Zalman Shazar (the guy on the 200 Shekel bill), Saba signs off on one of the letters (57)
ישראל בר המרגל ומפתה אל תכלית האמת
"Yisroel Ber who spies out and entices to the true purpose"
It seems that Saba was rectifying the terrible sin of the spies, one of the last steps necessary for redemption!

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