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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Single people find solace in this weeks Parsha

This weeks Parsha (Torah portion), Parshas Nusso (raise, count), includes the Parshas Hanisee-im, the offerings of the Ministers of the 12 tribes. Rabbi Nachman writes in Sefer Hamidos - Book of Attributes - (available on the info site), that someone who has a hard time finding his soulmate should acustom himself to reading the Tora portion of the offerrings of the Nisseim

For one possible explanation see a previous post:

Also in this weeks Parsha (about a month ago I mistakingly posted this to a different parsha) the Kohanim (priests) are commanded to bless the Jews on a daily basis. There is a special way the priests have to hold their hands and position their fingers when they give the blessings. Each hand is held out in front of them, palm down, the thumb is stretched out, and the first two fingers are kept together pulled to one direction as far as possible, and the last two fingers are kept together and pulled to the other direction as far as possible, so that each hand's finger formation resembles the letter shin - or 'w'.

This is amazing because the Nanach hand signature, also forms a formation similar to the letter shin - or 'w', primarily utilizing only the thumb and first two fingers. This shows how Nanach is the root of all blessing!

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