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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Saba was the inspiration for Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Eliezer.

Today is 51st day of the Omer, Petek day-- I gave that lesson last year.

This year I was studying Gemara with the new group at EBAY during Shavuot they were going over the issue of studying with or without working (Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Ishmael) In a related passage, Rabbi Eliezer and his father come out of the cave and everyone Rabbi Eliezer looks at gets consumed by fire and Rabbi Shimon brings them back to life. Then the two see an old man a Zaken a Saba de Sabin and he is carrying TWO sets of Hadass for Havdalah. SO they ask why two the Halacha says ONE, to which the old man replies "Zachor ve Shamor" you need two. A voice was heard that they should go back to the cave for another 12 months, not years (like previously). Indeed they wrote the Zohar during that year.


It is only thanks to Saba, Ebay Ha Nachal, that the Zohar was written!

The Torah in Likutey Moharan which the Na Nachs were studying was affirming that a man needs only to pray and have faith since G-d does everything. Apparently Saba didn't study the Halacha, but Hashem made sure he did the mitsvah the right way, and because of that we have the Zohar today.

The Petek repeats the word AVODA (work) three times. The saying is tzedaka, tora, tfila or something....but Saba says Avoda, avoda, avoda. This means PRAYER, PRAYER, PRAYER.

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NaaNaach said...

Of course Saba learned halacha, Rabbainu says it's critical to learn a little halacha everyday, and Saba was very intent on doing what ever Rabbainu said. It happens to be that Saba merited to learn a lot of a halacha, but it is terrible to write that he didn't learn any halacha! If you have a trouble understanding other things that Saba said, then ask them or discuss them, but don't C"V be motzey shaim ra!
Also, probably the greatest height that Saba saw his mentor R' Yisroel Karduner, the night that they spent in a farmers house recuperating from a flash storm, if I remember correctly there was a shulchan aruch on the table and he might even have been in the middle of learning halacha.
There's much more to be said, but we'll suffice with: Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!