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Friday, June 3, 2011

Saba in the siddur!

Not only Rabbi Nachman, Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Nata, also rabbi Kapara

After Rabbi Kapara "Hashem tzevahot..." is repeated three time etc.. (we stand up for this)

Then comes Rabbi ABBAII (Odesser Ber Israel Yerushalayim)

The we stand up again for "ana be koach..."

You learn from this that SABA needs standing before and after his section, while during HIS section it is optional! The ketoret (nose)(simcha)(complete sacrifice) is described under the section Rav N, but it's use only comes with ABBAII- like the crown which is the name Na NACH!

Think about who Rabbi Kappara is? stay away from sweets!

1 comment:

The villager said...

not rabbi nata Rabbi Natan. Please look at you siddur to appreciate this, it's a lesson that repeats itself and worth noting.