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Friday, June 24, 2011

R' Shlomo on Korach

thought this was profound,

"Friends, it has to be clear to us that the whole story of Korach is mamesh the deepest depths. Korach is someone who never did anything wrong in his whole life. The Yismach Moshe says that in one of the previous times (gilgulim) he was here in this world. 'I was one of the people who went out with Moshe from Egypt,and I was there when the fight was going on between Korach and Moshe.I didn't mingle in because I didn't know which one is which. I'll tell you the truth, Korach was so holy that I mamesh did not know if he was holier than Ahron, I did not know. So I stayed neutral'.
What was the whole thing with Korach? Open your hearts to the deepest depths.

Everybody wants to be the holy of holiest, but maybe G-d doesn't want you to be the holy of holiest. Maybe G-d needs you to be less holy and serve him on that level. What do I know? Everybody likes to be like Avraham Avinu, but like the Pshischer says, maybe G-d doesn't need another Avraham Avinu. G-d already had Avraham Avinu, now he needs Simcha Bunim.

You see, it's a very delicate thing. On one hand I have to want to be the holiest and greatest, on the other hand I have to say to G-d 'if you don't want me to be serve on the level of the holy of holiest, it's also okay with me.' This is the highest level there is, most real level.

You see, Korach wanted to serve G-d but he mamesh wanted to be the holiest. Ahron was ready to serve G-d even if he was the lowest, and therefore he was really the holiest. Moshe Rabbeinu was chosen because Moshe Rabbeinu didn't want to go up to Mount Sinai.You know what Moshe Rabbeinu felt on Mount Sinai? 'Gevalt, if G-d would have chosen somebody else, I would have been just as happy, absolutely just as happy, because the most important thing is that Israel should know what G-d has to say'. Since he was the only one who just wanted that G-d should tell us what he wants and it didn't matter to him through who, therefore he was the only one who was chosen. The other ones… it really mattered to them if it was them or someone else. So the moment it matters to you if it is you or somebody else, you cannot go up to Mount Sinai. You cannot be a high priest unless it doesn't matter to you who it is, only then it could be you.

Korach was 'taka' mamesh holy, but like the Ishbitser says, this portion of the week is showing us that even that is not good enough. To be mamesh a yidele is even deeper than that. If l say 'I want to be a Jew because I realize this is the true religion, this is the truth, I want to be holy and I want to be close to G-d'. It's very holy but this isn't where it's at yet. When someone says I want to be a Jew andI don't know why… I just got to be it... gevalt.

Not because I will be holier or closer... I just have to."



Anonymous said...

I just have to!NNNNM!:)

nothinbut100% said...

its true what reb shlomo is saying but if u have a bit of deeper contemplation/straightness u see that in the intro to the 2nd chelek of l.m tinyana, rabbeinu (or r'natan) says: that a person has to be like avraham avinu and not look at the rest of the world that stop him from serving Hashem. not parents, inlaws, siblings, no one...and the truth is to actualize ur potential u need to take leaps of faith on each level of ur growth, constantly not caring about what others think of u and bein who u are to actualize urself. and if u dont do this, then u loose out. u loose out big time. is this the same nisayon as korach, i dont know. plus rabbeinu says that he wants all of us to be like him, and that we can be. so what gives ??!? this yh is the biggest thing in the world. cuz its like saying "im not gonna be someone else's
shmatah/b---h. im great myself, i aint gonna be under no one." its pretty much why xianity exists. cuz it doesnt make sense logically, the reason it exists is cuz of this yh. Hashem picked the yidden to serve him and the goyim to serve the yidden and xianity is this exact yh. sayin we aint gonna be the jews shmatah/servents, so they concocted a whole religion where they are really the new chosen ones. so big is this yh, to buttle urself to someone else. nnnnm !

nothinbut100% said...

i was mixing up 2 points above. and i just wanna ask out there to all y'all about the first question i posed about "bein an avraham avinu for urself" like rabbeinu says in the intro to tinyana and wanting us to be like him (and that we can be) on one hand and what reb shlomo is saying on the other hand of Hashem not wanting us to be avraham avinu cuz there was one already. like, knowing ur makom. any thoughts chaveirim ??!?

shimonnachmanshilo said...

me and another Shlomo (NN), had this conversation many years ago. on the one hand Rabbeinu says, "you can be like me", but in other Torot he explains that different people are on different levels like links in a chain, and when one person raises himself he pushes those above him up, and also pulls those below him up. so it seems the hierarchy is still intact. any insights into this seemingly contradiction appreciated.


Yes. I think when Rabbenu was saying you can be like him...the way I learnt it out was you should be The Rabbenu...Mosheh Rabbenu of The Moshiach of your mission...So The shoe maker is the shoe maker, the Sage The Sage ,, The Baal Teffilah ..The stock Broker..what ever your role and mission is just be The Rebbe Nachman of You....The Highest you can reach of your soul!Voila No contradiction (Yochanan Shmuel Yitzack..Love and Kisses) Is there a subscribe to these feeds?

shimonnachmanshilo said...


NaaNaach said...

There is a feed to subscribe to: follow the right column of till right before it ends and you'll see it.

Also when you write a comment you can check the box "Email follow up comments..."

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!