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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Parshas Korach

This Parsha is particularly pertinent to the Nanach cause. As the opposers keep saying "there are alot of rabbis" and similar things, exactly like Korach. Saba himself likened the opposers to Korach. We must accept Rabbainu as the Head of Israel, only Rabbainu can properly guide and lead all of Israel, each and every one of us.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I also believe Rabbeinu is the Rosh of all the tzaddikim, but there are still rabbis. Even Moshe Rabbeinu wasn't the only rosh bnei Yisrael in the Midbar. There were many others under him, but the Torah says they were also considered Roshei Yisrael. I believe the same is today, Rabbeinu is the Head of all the tzaddikim but there are rabbis even today, who we still have to "report to" and "take orders" from, just like in the Midbar (as long as they are not opposed to Rabbeinu). And when we need a halachic decision we should listen and obey any Rav who is qualified to poskim and who is not opposed to Rabbeinu.

nanach oi! said...

Saba said very clearly that all of the major rabbis of today are irrelevant and have nothing to offer us. It also says in the book Israel Saba that he was once asked by someone about a certain Rabbi who was very famous. Saba replies "We have Rabbeinu! You do not need anything else!"
The bottom line is that only Rabbeinu can heal us. It says in Likutei Aitsot (Tzadik #68): "Even one who prays and studies constantly can never know how to serve G-d except if he is close to the True Tzadik." And also (#120): "Service of G-d is nothing without the True Tzadik." It is known that everywhere that Rabbeinu mentions the True Tzadik he is reffering to himself (see "Seven Pillars of Faith" by R' Yitzchak Breiter, the seventh pillar is the pillar of the Tzadik where he states this that wherever Rabbi Nachman mentions the Tzaddik he is refering to himself, himself being the completion of the soul of Moshe Rabbeinu, Shimon Bar Yochai, The Ari, and the Baal Shem Tov, see there).
Keep searching for the truth, Saba said one must search from one end of the earth to the other for the True Tzadik.