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Monday, June 27, 2011

Hilula of Rabbi Yishmuel Kohen Gadol - High Priest

Today is the yurtzeit - anniversary of death - of the Tana (time of the Mishna) Rabbi Yishmuel Kohen Gadol. R' Yishmuel is the author of the "Heichulos" 'chambers' an awesome book which reveals secrets of how to ascend to the highest heavenly cerebral chambers, which angels one meets, what they are about, etc..

In the 27th chapter, R' Yishmuel recounts that when he was 13 he saw that everything he was learning from the Bible and Mishna he would forget by the next day. Seeing that the Torah wasn't staying with him, he decided not to eat, drink, wash, be with his wife, not to rejoice, not be happy, not to sing or recite poetry. When R' Nechunya Ben Hakuna (the Master of the Merkava and Heichulos) saw the suffering of R' Yishmuel, R' Nechunya took him from his father's house and brought him to the Temple mount, to the Lishkas Hagazis (one of the special chambers)and made upon him a oath with the grand seal ... immediately my heart lit up like the Eastern Gates and my eyes saw the depths of the Torah and it's paths, from then on I did not forget a single thing from the Torah. [compare this to what Rabbainu said that when he first studying the holy Torah he wouldn't understand anything, and he would cry and cry until H"Y opened up his heart to understand it].

When the Roman's decided to kill 10 of the most holy Tzadikim, Rabbi Yishmuel went up to Heaven to see whether this was the desire of Heaven so that they should accept it with love, otherwise they would easily do away with the Romans.

There are many more awesome stories, teachings, blessings (the Talmud relates that H"Y asked R' Yishmuel to bless him! and documents the words of the blessing), and prayers from R' Yishmuel. May His Merit protect us and stand up for us to help us merit to be faithful to H"Y and His Tzadik Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

R' Yishmuel is buried in a small arab town in the North (about 20 minutes from Meron), and B"H the Nachmanim are there in full force hafatza and with refreshments, may we merit to be there.

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