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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The hand of the King is a "copy"?

Saba (nanach) said that a copy of the petek is like the original...

If you look at Rabbi Nachmans' short stories you will see one is called "the Hand".
It's maybe the shortest of the short stories. In one line it would say that: "a letter in the handwriting of the King is like the hand of the King itself".

I therefore motion that we no longer refer to the "petek" but to the "copy", meaning to say the "hand" the exact same one that is mentioned in the awsome story of the "Baal Tfila" is now wide open for the whole world to use as a reference.

For G-d to give a person eyes to understand he needs simply to be window-wiped of sexual lusts. If you hate Bilaam, please do not follow after him.

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