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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hafatza runs it's course, just gets better

Before Shabos I was sitting in front of the Western Wall giving out a Nanach music disc and talking to people about Nanach. There were to bochurim (boys) who were aprehensive about taking the disc, and just when they decided to go for it, some guy (a zil.) comes over to them and tell them that it's forbidden! He tell them that all the rabbis say that it's forbidden! It's forbidden to even talk to me.... So the bochurim return the discs to me, but they linger around as I continue my holy work speaking with people and giving out the disc. Shortly after the bochurim decided that they will indeed take the disc, so I tell them, but it's forbidden... So they tell me not to worry... B"H there is no comparison how they got the disc in the end to what would have been if they had just taken it in the first place.

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IlaN-ach said...

hehehe now thats a kinyan.