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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Even the Wicked Are Filled With Remorse

Wicked people are also filled with thoughts of remorse and yet they do not even know what thoughts of repentance are. However this itself that they strengthen themselves in their wrong doing, is a direct result of their remorse. When thoughts of remorse enter their minds they strengthen themselves and try harder to do evil.

This can be compared to two men fighting. When one sees that he is being defeated by his companion, he gathers the remainder of his strength and starts fighting with all his might. Here too, when the evil sees a little good awakening it strengthens itself even more.

This is a big rule in serving Hashem. Every person according to their level and the amount of effort they are using to enter into the service of Hashem, according to this the evil inclination strengthens itself against them. One has to be wise about this and come up with plans how to wage war against the evil, each time it comes back and restrengthens itself. Fortunate is the one who merits to win this war.

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