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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Be Extra Aware of the Petek Tomorrow

The Shulchan Uruch (Code of Jewish Law) in Siman פת"ק - Pete"k [580] brings down a custom to fast on the Friday preceding Shabas Parshas Chukas, to commemorate the day that wagons full of holy books were burnt. From Heaven it was revealed that this is part of the secret of the Aramaic Translation of Unkelos to the first words of this weeks Parsha - זאת חקת התורה - דא גזירת אוריתא - "this is the edict of the Torah"! During the time of the Ramchal there were threats of similar edicts and such sacrilegious desecration were prevalent. The Ramchal said that they could be averted, diffused, and nullified if people would simply read, even without understanding, the Holy Zohar. The Ramchal himself instituted a 24 hour - around the clock - study of the Zohar, and he encouraged every city to have such a guard, guaranteeing that it would be a complete protection and salvation.

Rabbainu said that his holy teachings are propitious to read just as the Zohar, and consequently we should try to read as much as possible of the holy teachings of Nanach, even without understanding, of course Rabbainu says we should put our minds to understanding, but the main thing is to read proficiently out loud.

On occasion some Breslovers have conducted a 24 hour vigilance of hisbodidus. Rabbainu revealed that when a Jew turns to God to speak to Him personally, H"Y so to speak drops whatever it is He was doing (i.e. edicts that we could do without B"H), to give him His full attention. Saba would sing Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman for hours and hours, even for a whole night, and he sweetened the judgement on the whole world.

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