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Monday, June 13, 2011

Asher Nanach in Maidstone, England Spreading the Light of Nanach

This is just in from our good friend Asher Nanach:

                       i have included some photos if you wanted to put on your nanachnet site. as the nanachs are are now buzzing around my store where i work in maidstone called b&q an large diy chain in the uk. all my staff wear nanach rubber braclets we have posters in our tea room and me and the lads always say the nanach before we start the day as we have a better day. the house signs we change to say nanach each day if a customer moves them ha ha , so yay the nanach maidstone possy is growing NANACH !!!!!!!!!
blessings Asher nanach

1 comment:

OyVaGoy said...

Maidstone of all places - amazing!