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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are you getting the cup?

Most people are proud of their "trophies" ususally cups. We speak about finding happiness "in the bag" while Benjamin found the cup of Josef in his bag. Socrates, after a long life of service for Athens was forced to drink a cup of hemlock. Why does Saba say "if I knew how good it was to suffer I would have asked for more!"

Rabbi Nachman tells us that each "error in the bris" produces devils. Truth is it does.. your ennemies are born "somewhere". When the time comes to repent, you need to wash your sins. This is done by these ennemies finding you and persecuting you. In fact they are trying to get you to go back to your old ways or to prevent you from advancing in your new direction. This is how we come across unbelievably evil people with surprising success.

This is your "cup" who is stronger, the hemlock or socrates? Thank G-d Rabbi Nachman took the cup a long time ago, already won, already finished. No you won't have to finish like Socrates, but the cup will be bitter like the waters Am Israel came to when they left the 49 levels of defilement of Egypt.

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