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Saturday, June 18, 2011

40 years for 40 days..harsh! why 40?

40 days are the days Moses went up the mountain. Visiting Israel for 40 days is a great mitsvah, every 4 steps creates a good angel etc.. Why does this become a curse?

The two spies sent by Joshua spend three nights in a whore house with a very attractive proffessional, but make a solemn oath that later brings them fame and fortune to all three!

Walking for G-d in ennemy territory and sleeping in a brothel are not the same form of intelligence work.

The number 40 is a big hint, and reveals a complete story..

When G-d removed the holy spirot from Moses and gave it to the 70 elders, two started spreading intimate rumors about Moses and Tsipporah's conjonctual relationship. Tsipporah's father, lost a bit of interest in his son in law at this point because Jitro still was on his very high level of "Gentile Saint" not only did he lose a "havruta" and had to deal with his daughter's new condition, but he must not take over the leadership position in Israel. The Presidents of the tribe, did not accept their new allegience to a body of the 70 "enlightened". Joshua even wanted to kill the rumor spreaders. 40 days is to show that they, the presidents were going to oppose the Sanhedrin on their return and they would manage the conquest of the Holyland, being brave heros. Things would be done through war techniques and proper leadership not faith!

The revolt continued, but these presidents were quickly humiliated and destroyed by the Lord.

Look at us today, have we learned? If Moses hadn't said "Uman" in anger, as if Josef can feed the whole world and he cannot feed Israel, he would have kept his holy spirit and none of this would have happened. But Josef and Uman (Nachman)have in common that they feed the whole world so all these events happened in anticipation of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman since the Gueula was not supposed to happen at that time.

Bothers please make the right choices for yourselves, the Gueula will occure when G-d allows it, and the one that tells us how to facilitate it is Rabbi Na Nach.


Anonymous said...


What do you have to say about google being one of the biggest financial empires ever and their stock name is 'goog' which in Hebrew is gimil vav gimil basically Gog and is also part of the word Magog.

The villager said...

Excellent question...

The biggest financial Empire is Ebay Ha Nachal, the others are just puppets. If you don't believe me look at Likutey Tfilot 27. Towards the end you will find The subjects of the song (shir ha shirim) and mamon and real tora novelties all under the title Holy Shabbos which is what Ebay Ha Nachal was founded for, so Mafitsim could have a specialized place for their holy shabbos.