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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rabbainu all day and all night!!!

Saba made it clear, it should be clear even without Saba, but somehow only Saba is able to show people that the main thing is to adhere to Rabbainu all day and night. If one is unable to involve himself/herself in hisbodidus and prayer and must resort to studying the Holy Torah, one should be studying Rabbainu, just Rabbainu, all day and night (with a small sprinkling of the rest of the Holy Torah - as e.g. R' Yisroel Karduner reputedly studied everyday Chok Liyisroel from the Arizal). Saba said there will be yeshivos that study Rabbainu all day. A certain MSS told me that he visited the Saba and asked him about this, why Saba downplayed the importance of studying the Talmud, and Saba told him because now that is what it is, the main thing is Rabbainu!

What's really amazing is that more and more people are beginning to understand this and inculcate it in their study curriculum. As more and more people opt for Rabbainu, we find the study of the Talmud taken up by the South Koreans! There are more Koreans that own a Talmud and read it that there are Jews!

Please understand this correctly, the Talmud is very holy, and was written and compiled with Divine Inspiration. However the main purpose of studying the Torah is to illuminate the light of God in the world and in our hearts and souls, and therefore we must focus and study the parts of the Torah that are the most capable towards this purpose. In previous good times there was the study of the Zohar, Arizal, Chasidus, and now we need to give our full attention to Rabbainu Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Everyone knows that the Leviites were not enslaved in Egypt, the job of the Levites is to sing to God (see the Kuzari which emphasizes this phenomena, a whole tribe designated just for singing), they were free, the multitudes of the Jews were busy studying the Talmud, the Zohar considers this slavery! We definitely should merit to study and know the Talmud, but we must be careful to study it as free men.

The Koreans are studying the Talmud so that they can be smarter and more cultured. They are exercising these as one does a physical workout. This is not the way of freedom. Freedom comes when one is released from those confines of outside pressures that want to force a position and commitment, and is free in the realization that he/she already has God's complete and full undivided attention, God is watching and attending to him specificity, building and cultivating him. A free person doesn't (only) use his mind like a muscle, rather as a vessel and method of communication with H"Y (the RAK wrote about this many years ago). Today only by adhering to Rabbainu can we gain emancipation and maintain our liberty.


Avraham said...

What about Sichos 28 & 76 and Torah 3?

NaaNaach said...

for an in depth study of the sources you quote, see Likutay Nanach - available at

The villager said...

M-SS is pretty close to Be.-SS. It's better to B.M. Uman

Simply: 1) Simcha IS the Mitsvah Gedola and 2) Tzeddakka is Keneged ALL the mitsvotes. 3) Doing Haftasa is the ultimate form of the first two points.

The in-depth study depends on how much sweat the young man put out. King David was such a young man once, why do you think you read HIS prayers? Because his emouna lifted his feet off the ground. So do not shuffle, and you will be blessed with understanding for your efforts.

Avraham said...

As always villager, I have no idea what in the world you are saying.