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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Putting the mountain over our heads?

Did you notice in Behar that G-d spoke to Moses from Har Sinai? Behoukotai ends with G-d told us through Moses from Har Sinai. A section in the middle about oaths and the cost of redemption of these came in the middle without a reference to Har Sinai (G-d spoke to Moses).

I believe the signification is that, the laws that come before this section are accepted by the nation "we will do and we will hear" while these laws are accepted only because "the mountain is over their heads". Indeed, the 2000 year Exile took place because the Shabbatical and Jubilee years were nor respected properly and 100 generations later we are running the risk of comitting the same mistake. Why is it so hard to accept these laws?

Some say a Jewish Neshama is so high that it is holier then the Holyland. If so how can G-d allow placing the mountain over our heads? Are not Tzaddikkim holier after they die then during their life? Moses needed to take his shoes off when he was near the burning bush. Rabbi Nachman gives a lesson that everything is ultimatly attracted to the earth which he compares to a humble Tzaddik. The holiest Cohen could not enter the holy of holies except on a certain day after a certain preparation. Are you still ready to affirm that man is holier then the land of Israel--- and what about places like Aushwitz where hundreds of thousands of Jews died in the name of the lord, has this land become sanctified by our blood? What can Cain do?

The third day of creation is where the land creates the tree and modifies G-d's command. The modification is accepted and G-d consides it (Ki-tov) good. The land created the tree UNLIKE Fruit-trees bearing fruit but simply trees bearing fruit. For this reason when G-d created man using land he created a being that could modify his commands for the good. Without free will "holiness" cannot be achieved- the land used it's free will for the good. It also chose later not to accept murder (story of Cain- up for debate).

It's this land, the land of Israel which please G-d the most and finds the most favor in his eyes. Please reconsider if you think that all lands were created equal, or all men...we are however all subject to the laws that G-d himself chose to tell Moses from HAR SINAI and from no other place.


IlaN-ach said...

What's the story of Cain which is up for debate here?

The villager said...

To IlaN-ach

Cain tried to hide from G-d but the earth complained to G-d that it had to drink the murdered blood of Abel.

Did you realize that it is not a coincidence that by being buried to his waist in a cave for 14 years Rabbi Shimon learned alot from the earth about free-will and tikkun ha bris, including what I wrote in the blog. I

I read a quote from Sabba that says that the caves and graves of tzaddikkim help to make one healthy! One of his brothers was very sick, but cured himself by living in the cave of a Tanna.

The villager said...

Cain can do what is prescribed in Sippourei Maasiotes (tales of Rabbi Nachman) bury himself in the footsteps of Rabbi Shimon.