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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Saba taught us that money is only his and only for hafatsa...bitoul- bitoul - bitoul do 100% what you understand he wants from YOU!

A "prosbol" is a greek legal term for a contract that extends BEYOND the Jubilee year and alows land or human slaves to stay under the ownership of the "boss".

This seems to be the reason that the second temple was destroyed.

Why is this so wrong and what does this have to do with Na Nach?

Two tribes did not participate in the worship of the golden calf-- Yehuda and Levi. Both chiefs of these tribes had attempted to prevent Am Israel from sinning-- by "coincidence" these two leaders stood with Moses in the fight against Amalek.

They were unable to out-power the "noafim" in the orgy of the calf. Members of Yehuda were certainly NOT happy about the dissobedience to their chief and his murder in front of the masses. Hur became a martyr in the name of "shmirat ha brit".


The villager said...

pushed on the wrong button...sorry...

Yehuda and Levi, didn't sin and they ALSO survivd the destruction of the second temple!

So who was doing the "prosbol"

You guessed... some people were trying to disposess Yehuda- for MONEY!

When you get to the first ALIA this week the one of the Cohen, followed by the one of the Levite, keep in mind that no one should "steal" their place, which would be like a "prosbol".

The same applies to Na Nach...

Someone who denies Saba is like a talmid Chocham from the 10 tribes making a prosbol on one of the two tribes!

NaaNaach said...

a prosbol does not allow human slaves to remain under servitude, it only provides for loans to remain obligatory by means of channeling the debt through beis din/court, but all Hebrew Slaves must be freed on the Jubilee.

shimonmatisyahu said...
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Anonymous said...

A few corrections:

First, it is mentioned not only in the Chumash, but in other related rabbinic sources as well that is was just the tribe of Levi who didn't sin with the Golden Calf. Unfortunately, the tribe of Yehuda also fell for this sin. Secondly, the prosbul was applicable for every seventh year called Shemitta, not necessarily for the Jubilee year. And at that, this contract was especially created for those who would not otherwise give out loans to people, since according to the Torah, loans that have passed the Shemitta year are no longer able to collected, so the prosbul is a legal way to be able to still collect these loans since this is under the authority of a Jewish court who has the power to collect on behalf of someone even after the Shemitta year.

The villager said...

Thank you for the corrections.. but the prosbul is still something that was considered a primary cause for the destruction of the temple ;AND the slavery of people and lands beyond the 50th year when land was NO LONGER being returned to the original owner are facts that cannot be brushed aside by your "precisions".

The civil war was fought for no less. So in that respects the modern USA did better then ancient Israel!