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Friday, May 27, 2011

Parshas (weekly Torah portion) Bamidbar

This weeks parsha, H"Y tells Moshe Rabbainu to take his brother Aron the High Priest and the princes of all the tribes and to count the names of the Jews. The Ramban says the following:

כי הבא לפני אב הנביאים ואחיו קדוש ה' והוא נודע אליהם בשמו יהיה לו בדבר הזה זכות וחיים כי בא בסוד העם ובכתב בני ישראל וזכות הרבים במספרם וכן לכולם זכות במספר שימנו לפני משה ואהרן כי ישימו עליהם עינם לטובה יבקשו עליהם רחמים ה' אלהי אבותיכם יוסף עליכם ככם אלף פעמים ולא ימעיט מספרכם והשקלים כופר על נפשותיכם

For one who comes before the Father of the Prophets and his brother Holy of God and he identifies himself by name, this will be for him a merit and life, for he comes into the secret of the nation and the writing of the Children of Israel and the merit of the multitudes in their numbers, and so for all of them it is a merit to be numbered in the counting before Moshe and Aron, for they (Moshe and Aron) will set their eyes upon them (those being counted)for good, they will beseech for them mercy.....

Rabbi Nachman in Likutay Moharan (II, 72) reveals that the Tzadik, just by looking at someone enlivens and fires up that persons intellect raising his stature and standing.

The word song in Hebrew - Sheer, is very close to a word for sight - Shoor (which is used specifically with Yosef Hatzadik) so the more we sing, write, and spread Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman the greater we will merit to be in his line of sight, B"H.

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The villager said...

Israel Dagan's song about the Tam; "lev tov eyn tova" (good heart, good eye) and Likutey Moharan Tora 282 about the good point--- but best of all 242 about the evil eye (and it's opposite) who is the opposite of Moses? only Bilaam who is known for the evil eye.

Yes I agree with you...