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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Na Nach Reaches England


Anonymous said...

What does Basil Nanach mean that Rabbi Nachman "rules the universe"?
This sounds, shall I say, quite scary.

saba-noon said...

bravo bravo. Very funny. smile. don't stop na nach!!

Anonymous said...

I am not questioning Rebbe Nachman's authority as Rosh Bnei Yisrael. I am just wondering what Basil Nanach meant by Nanach is about "Rebbe Nachman ruling the universe". This is the loshon we use to describe H"Y - Melech HaOlam - King of the Universe. Only H"Y can rule the universe. Even Moshe Rabbeinu was called "eved Hashem".

NaaNaach said...

See Talmud Sanhedrin 20b - that King Solomon reigned over all the world, Upper and Lower, the Medrash, if I recall correctly has an even more detailed accounting to King Shlomo's dominion over the entire creation.

We also find medrashing like the following:
המשך סימן תנב
כה אמר ה' בוראך יעקב -
ר' פנחס בשם ר' ראובן אמר:
אמר הקב"ה לעולמו: עולמי עולמי מי בראך?
אומר לך מי בראך, אומר לך מי יצרך, יעקב בראך, ישראל יצרך, דכתיב: בוראך יעקב ויוצרך ישראל.

ר' יהושע דסכנין בשם ריש לקיש:
בהמות לא נבראו אלא בשביל יעקב, דכתיב: הנה נא בהמות אשר עשיתי עמך.

ר' יהושע בר נחמן בשם ר' חנן בר יצחק:
שמים וארץ לא נבראו אלא בשביל יעקב.
מה טעם?
ויקם עדות ביעקב - ואין עדות אלא שמים וארץ, שנאמר: העידותי בכם היום את השמים ואת הארץ.

רבי ברכיה אמר:
לא נבראו שמים וארץ אלא בשביל יעקב, ששמו ישראל, שנאמר: בראשית ברא אלהים - ואין ראשית אלא ישראל, שנאמר: קדש ישראל לה' ראשית תבואתו.

אמר רבי אבהו:
לא נברא הכל אלא בשביל יעקב, שנאמר: לא כאלה חלק יעקב כי יוצר הכל הוא.

EliNanach said...

Honestly guys, it was meant to be taken in good humor. In the same vein that the queen is not really a Na Nach.
We do not believe Rabbi Nachman is G-d.

Anonymous said...

Ok, got it. Thanks rabosai.

saba-noon said...

"The Tzadik decrees and Hashem fulfills" something like that. basically Hashem is the king that gives over his kingdom to his son (The Tzadik) during his lifetime. Anyway that's the way I always thought of it. To say it another way. Rebbe Nachman is the G-dliest Tzadik around. The Tzadik is the heavenly court. The tzadik is in actuality much much much bigger then our current perception of G-d. So whatever dude. I just can't really tell the difference. Except I remember reading that Rebbe Nachman once said that he was not G-d. G-d Himself never said that.

saba-noon said...

by the way while I'm commenting. I must say it again. splendid job. Keep it up. very funny and very holy video!!

Anonymous said...

Saba-Noon wrote: "I just can't really tell the difference. Except I remember reading that Rebbe Nachman once said that he was not G-d. G-d Himself never said that."

Now I'm confused again. I don't understand what you mean when you say you can't really tell the difference. Why would Rebbe Nachman ever have a need to say something that everybody already knows, i.e. he is not G-d?

Le'havdil, there is a small group in Chabad called the Elokistim that say they can't tell the difference between H"Y and their Rebbe. I believe you are saying something different than this. But could you please clarify.

saba-noon said...

there is a story of a particular follower of Rebbe Nachman walking in on him when he say another one of his followers prostrating himself before Rebbe Nachman. The follower of the Rebbe (the one that walked in on him) found this surprising. Rebbe Nachman said that it was OK for him to do this because he knows that I am not G-d. I can only guess the reason that he needed to say this is because it is hard to tell the difference. I suppose that the followers of Rebbe Nachman precieve such a great light from his teachings that It might actually be possible to for someone to beleive this. Anyway it is not possible to get close to G-d without the Tzadik once the Tzadik is known. It is not good to think about this issue too much because it might just "blow the circuts" if you take my meaning. If you are troubled by these thoughts it is best just to have a talk with G-d about it. Alternatively you can talk to Rebbe Nachman about it too. Peace

saba-noon said...
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saba-noon said...
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Anonymous said...

I have B"H went so through all the books and hashmatos and I do not recall ever seeing this story that Sabanun just posted.

saba-noon said...

sorry, just found out that that was a story about the Baal Shem Tov. Rebbe Nachman never said that He was not G-d as far as I recall.