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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knowing God

Rabbi Nachman of Breslovs grandfather was a huge tzadik, Rabbi Nachman Hurdanka, he was a follower of the Baal Shem Tov. Once Rabbi Nachman Hurdanka's sister saw him bent over, stretched out on his hands and knees, involved in lighting a large pipe that the Baal Shem Tov had which reached to the floor. The sister, knowing her brothers holiness and stature, was very perturbed to see her brother in such a seemingly demeaning way. Rabbi Nachman Hurdanka sensed her troubles, and told her, "if you would know what I know about the Baal Shem Tov you would think that he is God Almighty B"H, Thank God I have more daas (knowledge) than you, and I understand that the Besh"t is just a servant of H"Y.

The generation of Jews that left Egypt, lived on manna and received the Torah are called the Dur Daya - generation of knowledge, the lowest maidservant having had experienced very high prophecy. Chazal, brought down in Rashi on the Tora (Bamidbar 21:5, from this verse our Sages actually learn that one's Rebbe is likened to God!), say that some of these people made a mistake by equating Moshe Rabbainu to God, and were chastised for this (but I don't think they were punished). From this we can learn that if a person has saichel (intelligence) he would be closer to mistaking the Tzadik for God - Heaven Forbid, than to shortchanging the supremacy of the Tzadik.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. If you could find the Rashi I'd be very grateful.

Also, how did his words help her with her discomfort at seeing him in this position? How did his words put her at ease?

The villager said...

anonymous, she realised that it was a great honor to light the pipe.

If we knew how holy Moses was, we would realize that had he come into Israel, the whole nation would have had to stay outside the holyland- it was by his unused merit that we were able to come in. Want an example?- think of what difference it made in the war against Amalek, where he placed his hands! Joshua was NOT the main issue.

Anonymous said...

agreed,Village...If he came to Israel today, it would have to be emptied completely...

chezi said...


You're mentioning of serving the tzaddik being akin to serving God actually appears in Sichos HaRan if I'm not mistaken. I don't remember off-hand where, but when I see it again I will surely tell you.