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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Rabbeinu as well as Reb Nosson mention the importance of hakdamos in a number of places throughout sifrei Breslov .  The introduction of a lesson or a sefer sets the tone for the entire work.  It is known that what is now Torah 2 was actually the first Torah of  Likutei Moharan when it was first compiled and published. However, Reb Nosson soon realized the value of Torah 1 (as we know it) in that it summarizes the entire body of Likutei Moharan and its message- the tzaddik/disciple relationship as painted by the sun and the moon, etc.

In terms of my own learning and application of Rabbeinu's Torah, I feel that the Hashmata of LM Tinyana as it's hakdama speaks to me more so than any other Torah.  For anyone who hasn't been zocheh to see it I suggest you click your computer screen off and learn it now!)

From Torah 1 to Torah 286, Rebbe gives us the tools and wisdom to come close to Hashem.  But, even after everything he presents to us we may still feel a bit of doubt, meniyos, and trials.  So, what does Rebbe do?
He says, "before you even think about going further I want you to know that I know how you're feeling.  The struggle is hard.  I have taught you so much and applying everything to your life will be difficult.  But, I'll let you in on a little secret - you're not the first person to struggle.  Who struggled even more than you and succeeded?  Avraham Avinu!" "Echad haya Avraham,"

By viewing ourselves as the only person on this Earth, the struggle to learn, do mitzvos, and cling to Hashem yisborach becomes so much easier.  Forget about what others think about you.  If you know you're doing the right thing there is no reason why anyone should have any disregard for you.  If anything, you may be surprised that people gain a tremendous amount of respect on account of your devotions and perseverence.  And, most importantly you're bringing oneg to Hashem.

If you haven't tried thinking in this manner it's worth giving a shot.... The Hashmata should be the hakdama to the beginning of everyday

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