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Sunday, May 29, 2011

God's world

With the great race of technological development and foolishness of creation of weapons of mass destruction, the world forgets that they exist in God's arena. True God promised not to wipe out the whole world completely but that still leaves Him with plenty of leverage to do as He pleases.

There's a great book in English of conversations from Saba Yisroel available for free (download) at (yisroel saba). Check out page 118, Saba says: "The nations want Jerusalem, the Temple? Well, well, God will give them a beating, such a beating, oh!" Saba goes on to say how God will punish those starting up with the Jews and bring upon them earthquakes, not your standard average vibrations, but earthquakes from Heaven....

Recently the self-righteous world, who deem themselves more sympathetic and merciful than God, and know better how to allow for peoples rights, such as despicable aberrations of homos., have set out to take away land from the Jews and they have their sites set on Jerusalem [true it is very forbidden for Jews to have autonomy before the coming of the Meshiach, but giving Israel into the hands of murderers is definitely not the solution]. In these trouble times the world has suffered some of the worst calamities which killed ten of thousands of people and caused billions of dollars of damage, not to mention all the wars being waged and the 'regular' murders with their astronomical statistics.

There's a little article that pins the timing of a few major natural calamities with the associated schemes against the Jews in Israel: Do Tornadoes Favor Israel?


Anonymous said...

"such as despicable aberrations of homos"

At least you're not negative and judgemental about it ;)

IlaN-ach said...
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IlaN-ach said...

Its the Torah (Moshe channeling the word of Hashem) which calls it despicable. Actually, "Abomination" is the technical term.

There is a common misconception you are falling in to here: Just because a person may have the inclination for something Abominable, the person does not become 'abominable' unless he does the action.

Having the desire to sleep with a married woman does not make one an adulterer, rather, the ACTION.

Naanaach is not really being negative nor judgmental here nor is he attacking homosexuals, rather, he is remarking how human rights groups are headed in a direction which is diametrically opposed to the Torah, making Jew Killers the underdogs, and those who have AND ACT upon desires which Hashem gave to creation to master so as to amass reward - into champions. Making something which Hashem finds abominable into an accepted way of life is the issue.

Also rebbeinu said that the imperative to 'always judge another favorably' does not apply to a "mishkav zachar", a person who performs the ACTION of laying with another man as he would a wife.

sunnyi67 said...

please check the title = G-d

Anonymous said...

I want to believe no one will erase or deface the name "God", at the point of printing and throwing it somewhere from