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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gemarra & Na Nach?

Nachmani, the halacha is like Nachman, three times--- his student is called ABAYE
(dear abbey (Chistian preacher/father/brother)) the spelling is like the book O-desser B-er I-srael ebay ha nachal. The letters are in the order of Abbaye and not I-srael B-er O-desser as can be expected.

The reason why a large % of the Gemarra is only for studying the struggle of humanity to step away from idolatry on different subjects and NOTHING ELSE is for the following reasons:

Only three tribes surely did not sin in the sin of the Golden Calf and these same three lead in the redemption. Levi is the architect, while Yehuda builds from within the borders and Efraim from without. Other tribes have important roles like Dan-- but their status with the Calf is less certain. WWII it was the Danish NON-JEWS that paid our tickets to Sweden.
Land of the Danes = DAN MARK

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The villager said...

in other words aside from Nachmani and Abbaye the gemarra is in large part the work of idol worshippers trying to do tchouva. A "dangerous" book that can give GEHAVA because GEHAVA=SHEKER!