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Monday, May 23, 2011

Fake prophets

saturday according to christians was suppost to be the end of the world... its now monday and obviously were all still here!
they use science(witch is another name for atheist) to make there pridections...witch falls under the catagory of a fake prophet. The Rambam says that Prophets get there Prophecies from G-d! And fake prophets get there prophecies from studying space...ect but the thing is so many non Jews belive them and then when the day comes and it doesnt happen most of them turn into athiest or end up commiting sucide...but there so busy listen to all this nonsense that they dont even realize that if they read the Torah they would find out that G-d said after the floods of Noach that He would never again destroy all mankind again! As Jews we know not to listen to non Jews and there fake prophecies!

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