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Monday, May 16, 2011

Emunah and Ratzon

This past shabbos I came to a friend with a Kasha.
I asked for a reconciliation of two well known p'sukim:
1 "Emunah Zeh Kol HaAdam" Emunah is all of man (everything).
2 "Hakol Talui al Ratzon" Everything is dependent upon willpower.
Basically: "What's the relationship between emunah and ratzon, since everything is dependent on them?"

And the reconcilliation was as follows:
"The two are two sides of the same coin."
Likkutei Halakhos (dont recall exactly where) says:
Emunah = Keter d'Asiyah. = Transcendent level of the world of action
Ratzon = Malchus d'Yetzirah. = Manifest level of the world of feeling

Those who understand will understand.

(May have the two correspondences inverted, but bottom line remains.)

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