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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

According to Blog 'YeranenYaakov' FDR was a follower of Rebbeinu!

Netanyahu: FDR Must Have Been A Hasid of Rebbe Nahman of Breslov


NaaNaach said...

nice find.

Anonymous said...

Great! someone should contact him i dont know how easy it is but if we can give him a Nanach beanie!

The villager said...

He said the whole US constitution then said FDR was a Breslev Hassid because of the popular song "col ha olam coulo..." Bibi is no Breslev-- He's a Na Nach!

Saba said that the whole world would have the Kedusha of Israel and only then the new song would spread to the four corners of the earth!

Obviously Bibi reads the Blogs here!