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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hashem's Greatness

It is impossible to relate to others your perception of Hashems greatness, since it is dependent on what each person perceives in his own heart. Even to himself, a person can not relate the perception of Hashems greatness that he experienced yesterday, since it changes from day to day.
(Sichos Haran 1)


Rabbeinu as well as Reb Nosson mention the importance of hakdamos in a number of places throughout sifrei Breslov .  The introduction of a lesson or a sefer sets the tone for the entire work.  It is known that what is now Torah 2 was actually the first Torah of  Likutei Moharan when it was first compiled and published. However, Reb Nosson soon realized the value of Torah 1 (as we know it) in that it summarizes the entire body of Likutei Moharan and its message- the tzaddik/disciple relationship as painted by the sun and the moon, etc.

In terms of my own learning and application of Rabbeinu's Torah, I feel that the Hashmata of LM Tinyana as it's hakdama speaks to me more so than any other Torah.  For anyone who hasn't been zocheh to see it I suggest you click your computer screen off and learn it now!)

From Torah 1 to Torah 286, Rebbe gives us the tools and wisdom to come close to Hashem.  But, even after everything he presents to us we may still feel a bit of doubt, meniyos, and trials.  So, what does Rebbe do?
He says, "before you even think about going further I want you to know that I know how you're feeling.  The struggle is hard.  I have taught you so much and applying everything to your life will be difficult.  But, I'll let you in on a little secret - you're not the first person to struggle.  Who struggled even more than you and succeeded?  Avraham Avinu!" "Echad haya Avraham,"

By viewing ourselves as the only person on this Earth, the struggle to learn, do mitzvos, and cling to Hashem yisborach becomes so much easier.  Forget about what others think about you.  If you know you're doing the right thing there is no reason why anyone should have any disregard for you.  If anything, you may be surprised that people gain a tremendous amount of respect on account of your devotions and perseverence.  And, most importantly you're bringing oneg to Hashem.

If you haven't tried thinking in this manner it's worth giving a shot.... The Hashmata should be the hakdama to the beginning of everyday

Bob Marley Nanach

peace in the middle east

No to peace with the enemies

na nach

na nach nachma nachman m'uman

Monday, May 30, 2011

Spanish Breslov Pamphlets

B"H uploaded 2 Spanish pamphlets on

Hisbodedute and Uman Rosh Hashanah are now available on

Being in Good Places, bumping into the right people!

B"H this morning I had the pleasant surprise of meeting Yishai Nanach at the Ramchal holy tomb, along with some of our other holy Nanach. We had Yishai perform for us, and B"H I have 3 videos posted, at the end of the 3rd song we met a little opposition, but B"H all was for the sake of Heaven.

Here are the videos:

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fall Before the Petek

It is often wondered how it was possible that Saba who was Oved Hashem for years upon years, following the advice of Rebbe Nachman could have possibly fallen into such a Yeridah simply by eating on the 17th of Tamuz. Saba was an expert in the Avodah of being happy, how was it possible that he fell to such depression.

It is know from Rabbanues books that each time a person ascends to a new level he must first break through the Husks / Klipos that surround this level. It can be assumed that the higher the level the harder it is to break through the Husks.

Saba reached the level where he was worth of receiving the Petek. Receiving the Petek is one of largest Aliyos that can be imagined. It can therefore be assumed that the Husks surrounding this level were very intense. No one can have any real perception into how it manifested or what Saba was going through at that stage but we know that it must have been very hard. Hard enough to cause the depression that lasted 5 days.

God's world

With the great race of technological development and foolishness of creation of weapons of mass destruction, the world forgets that they exist in God's arena. True God promised not to wipe out the whole world completely but that still leaves Him with plenty of leverage to do as He pleases.

There's a great book in English of conversations from Saba Yisroel available for free (download) at (yisroel saba). Check out page 118, Saba says: "The nations want Jerusalem, the Temple? Well, well, God will give them a beating, such a beating, oh!" Saba goes on to say how God will punish those starting up with the Jews and bring upon them earthquakes, not your standard average vibrations, but earthquakes from Heaven....

Recently the self-righteous world, who deem themselves more sympathetic and merciful than God, and know better how to allow for peoples rights, such as despicable aberrations of homos., have set out to take away land from the Jews and they have their sites set on Jerusalem [true it is very forbidden for Jews to have autonomy before the coming of the Meshiach, but giving Israel into the hands of murderers is definitely not the solution]. In these trouble times the world has suffered some of the worst calamities which killed ten of thousands of people and caused billions of dollars of damage, not to mention all the wars being waged and the 'regular' murders with their astronomical statistics.

There's a little article that pins the timing of a few major natural calamities with the associated schemes against the Jews in Israel: Do Tornadoes Favor Israel?

Ramchal's Hilula Tonight - Yisod SheBi Yisod

Rabbainu told some of his followers to study the Ramchal's teachings.

Many of the Nanach were zoche (merited) to become Nanach thanks to the Ramchal. The Ramchal did say that his books will bring the redemption.

The Ramchal is buried in Teveria right near Rabbi Akiva, this is the site where Saba and Rabbi Yisroel Karduner made a pact that they wouldn't go a day or night (if I recall correctly) without seeing each other.

Breslov Pamphlets

B"H we have finally started uploading the pamphlets on

So far there are 4 English Pamphlets available on

Friday, May 27, 2011

Nanach animation Hitbodedut

sorry about the blurriness im still trying to figure out how to fix that.
animation of a Nanach in the woods yelling Nanach =]

B"H a new Nanach song

Click here for the song:

Rectified At Last With Nanach

The lyrics can be found on the Hebrew

Say no to drugs say yes to Nanach#3

Parshas (weekly Torah portion) Bamidbar

This weeks parsha, H"Y tells Moshe Rabbainu to take his brother Aron the High Priest and the princes of all the tribes and to count the names of the Jews. The Ramban says the following:

כי הבא לפני אב הנביאים ואחיו קדוש ה' והוא נודע אליהם בשמו יהיה לו בדבר הזה זכות וחיים כי בא בסוד העם ובכתב בני ישראל וזכות הרבים במספרם וכן לכולם זכות במספר שימנו לפני משה ואהרן כי ישימו עליהם עינם לטובה יבקשו עליהם רחמים ה' אלהי אבותיכם יוסף עליכם ככם אלף פעמים ולא ימעיט מספרכם והשקלים כופר על נפשותיכם

For one who comes before the Father of the Prophets and his brother Holy of God and he identifies himself by name, this will be for him a merit and life, for he comes into the secret of the nation and the writing of the Children of Israel and the merit of the multitudes in their numbers, and so for all of them it is a merit to be numbered in the counting before Moshe and Aron, for they (Moshe and Aron) will set their eyes upon them (those being counted)for good, they will beseech for them mercy.....

Rabbi Nachman in Likutay Moharan (II, 72) reveals that the Tzadik, just by looking at someone enlivens and fires up that persons intellect raising his stature and standing.

The word song in Hebrew - Sheer, is very close to a word for sight - Shoor (which is used specifically with Yosef Hatzadik) so the more we sing, write, and spread Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman the greater we will merit to be in his line of sight, B"H.

Bridging Breslov and Przysucha

Now, each and every Jew possesses an aspect of “a tzaddik rules,” corresponding to (Isaiah 60:21)), “Your people, all of them are tzaddikim … For, in every Jew there is something precious, an aspect of a nekudah which his friend does not have. (Likutei Moharan 34)
There are two important ideas that can be understood from this passage of Likutei Moharan. Firstly, the idea that everyone must develop his own traits.. Reb Nosson explains that each person is unique in his own right and must develop according to his ability and capabilities. One should therefore not attempt to mimic another's devotions and service of God, for that path may not be suitable for him. Each person must develop and utilize his own strengths (Torat Natan #11). Reb Simcha of Przysucha also asserted that this is the correct approach. Reb Simcha was recorded to have said in Kol Simcha,
Also, with regard to commandments, service, and perfection, a person should clothe himself in something that is designated for himself (Masei 103).
In this passage, Reb Simcha stresses the importance of being authentic and knowing oneself. In order to develop his own nekudah as Rebbe Nachman would have it, one has to have a sense of himself, and must do what is fitting for his own worship and not that of another. Someone who knows himself doesn't need to be anyone else, because God created each person to be distinctive. The tzaddik is simply a guide for one to use as a reference. As a person works on himself, it is befitting to look to the tzaddik and ask oneself if he's doing the right thing. So too in Breslov, the tzaddik is essentially a crutch for the individual. He looks to the tzaddik for guidance and sees him as a model. But, one must ultimately look to himself is he wishes to grow.
The second point that one can cull from Rebbe Nachman's words is of critical importance for both understanding Breslov Chassidus as well as understanding how Breslov and Przysucha work hand in hand. Rebbe Nachman quotes the book of Isaiah with the intention of emphasizing the potential of every single Jew. The verse reads that every Jew is a tzaddik. Every Jew has the capability of reaching the level of “tzaddik.” Rather than think that every time Rebbe Nachman mentions the word tzaddik he is referring to an unattainable state one can surmise that he is speaking about the individual. When this idea is considered, the independence and potential afforded to every Jew and his Godly service is streamlined. Reb Nosson records a corresponding idea in Sichos HaRan,
I [Reb Nosson] always thought of myself as having faith, and could not understand his implication. When I mentioned this to the Rebbe he answered me with some impatience, “You may have faith, but you have no faith in yourself.” The Rebbe told me this: It is written (Zechariah 4:10), “Who has despised the day of small things.” The Talmud comments on this saying, “Why are the tables of the tzaddikim despised in the Future World? Because of their own smallness.” That is, because they do not believe in themselves. (140)
The message expressed here is clear. Although Rebbe Nachman stresses the importance of the tzaddik and clinging to him throughout his writings, belief in the tzaddik can only go so far. For one to truly be successful in life, he must cast aside his reliance on others and first and foremost believe in himself. As has been mentioned many times, Przysucha holds this value to be dear. In the book Niflaot Hadashot Reb Simcha Bunim reflects on this very belief,
When a Jew goes to the tzaddik, his heart becomes broken within him, for he sees the difference between himself and the tzaddik. (22)
This is what Przysucha meant by tzaddik. Here, tzaddikism means the service of human greatness that obligated the Chassid himself to strive for greatness. The role of the tzaddik is not to supplant one's own efforts, traits, and uniqueness. Rather, for both Breslov and Przysucha, the tzaddik is supposed to help the individual realize and materialize his inherent greatness. The tzaddik is supposed to help his Jewish brother become a tzaddik. IY"H, learning the teachings of Rebbe Nachman and applying them to our lives will bring us closer to becoming tzaddikim

Thursday, May 26, 2011

B"H a new Nanach song

Click here for the song: Because I Love Rabbi Nachman from Uman

the rest of the lyrics:

I love the creator of the world

Come let's go out into the garden and scream Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.
Come let's pray to bring to Jerusalem Rabbi Nachman from Uman.

Echoes from Rosh Hashanah/Chag Shavuot Sameach!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

B"H a new Nanach song

Click on here for the song: Holding On With A Smile


Holding on with a smile,
dancing backwards the extra mile.
Won't cave in inspired with Nachman MayUmen
Earning our keep, just being alive, our stamp carved deep

you name me one,
give me a title,
there is no fun,
in your venom and vile.

You know what's at stake
we're in this together to bake,
cooking and sizzling in the deep fry
we don't why, but we're getting what no money can buy

There's nothing to do
it's all been done for you
help us choose to be involved
caught up all problems absolved
learning the holy Torah
praying with all our hearts, pure avoda
spreading joy and happiness
hisbodidus to our souls content and bliss

The time is now,
never was like the present,
Nanach captivates wow,
sensational incredible excellent

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Moshiach Oi! Record Release Party June 28th

Knowing God

Rabbi Nachman of Breslovs grandfather was a huge tzadik, Rabbi Nachman Hurdanka, he was a follower of the Baal Shem Tov. Once Rabbi Nachman Hurdanka's sister saw him bent over, stretched out on his hands and knees, involved in lighting a large pipe that the Baal Shem Tov had which reached to the floor. The sister, knowing her brothers holiness and stature, was very perturbed to see her brother in such a seemingly demeaning way. Rabbi Nachman Hurdanka sensed her troubles, and told her, "if you would know what I know about the Baal Shem Tov you would think that he is God Almighty B"H, Thank God I have more daas (knowledge) than you, and I understand that the Besh"t is just a servant of H"Y.

The generation of Jews that left Egypt, lived on manna and received the Torah are called the Dur Daya - generation of knowledge, the lowest maidservant having had experienced very high prophecy. Chazal, brought down in Rashi on the Tora (Bamidbar 21:5, from this verse our Sages actually learn that one's Rebbe is likened to God!), say that some of these people made a mistake by equating Moshe Rabbainu to God, and were chastised for this (but I don't think they were punished). From this we can learn that if a person has saichel (intelligence) he would be closer to mistaking the Tzadik for God - Heaven Forbid, than to shortchanging the supremacy of the Tzadik.

The Fire of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman Brings Rectification

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman is the song that is Single, Double, Triple, and Square, it has the power to rectify Square. The fire of Rabbainu will burn till the coming of Mushiach, as the opposers burn themselves, Rabbainu's fire brings healing.

According to Blog 'YeranenYaakov' FDR was a follower of Rebbeinu!

Netanyahu: FDR Must Have Been A Hasid of Rebbe Nahman of Breslov

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fake prophets

saturday according to christians was suppost to be the end of the world... its now monday and obviously were all still here!
they use science(witch is another name for atheist) to make there pridections...witch falls under the catagory of a fake prophet. The Rambam says that Prophets get there Prophecies from G-d! And fake prophets get there prophecies from studying space...ect but the thing is so many non Jews belive them and then when the day comes and it doesnt happen most of them turn into athiest or end up commiting sucide...but there so busy listen to all this nonsense that they dont even realize that if they read the Torah they would find out that G-d said after the floods of Noach that He would never again destroy all mankind again! As Jews we know not to listen to non Jews and there fake prophecies!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nanach Lag B'Omer


Nanach dancing at a baseball park

Putting the mountain over our heads?

Did you notice in Behar that G-d spoke to Moses from Har Sinai? Behoukotai ends with G-d told us through Moses from Har Sinai. A section in the middle about oaths and the cost of redemption of these came in the middle without a reference to Har Sinai (G-d spoke to Moses).

I believe the signification is that, the laws that come before this section are accepted by the nation "we will do and we will hear" while these laws are accepted only because "the mountain is over their heads". Indeed, the 2000 year Exile took place because the Shabbatical and Jubilee years were nor respected properly and 100 generations later we are running the risk of comitting the same mistake. Why is it so hard to accept these laws?

Some say a Jewish Neshama is so high that it is holier then the Holyland. If so how can G-d allow placing the mountain over our heads? Are not Tzaddikkim holier after they die then during their life? Moses needed to take his shoes off when he was near the burning bush. Rabbi Nachman gives a lesson that everything is ultimatly attracted to the earth which he compares to a humble Tzaddik. The holiest Cohen could not enter the holy of holies except on a certain day after a certain preparation. Are you still ready to affirm that man is holier then the land of Israel--- and what about places like Aushwitz where hundreds of thousands of Jews died in the name of the lord, has this land become sanctified by our blood? What can Cain do?

The third day of creation is where the land creates the tree and modifies G-d's command. The modification is accepted and G-d consides it (Ki-tov) good. The land created the tree UNLIKE Fruit-trees bearing fruit but simply trees bearing fruit. For this reason when G-d created man using land he created a being that could modify his commands for the good. Without free will "holiness" cannot be achieved- the land used it's free will for the good. It also chose later not to accept murder (story of Cain- up for debate).

It's this land, the land of Israel which please G-d the most and finds the most favor in his eyes. Please reconsider if you think that all lands were created equal, or all men...we are however all subject to the laws that G-d himself chose to tell Moses from HAR SINAI and from no other place.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


What do you call an organization run by athiests H"Y?

The answer is in the comments.

In Honor of Lag BuOmer

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, master of the Zohar who rectified the death of the 24,000 students of his teacher Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai by establishing an order of love and kindness which is continued today with Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Remember to learn more about Lag BuOmer and Rashbi you can check the cloud index on the right side of the site.

Friday, May 20, 2011

More Breslov Books Banners

Use these banners to promote

For more banners click here


my 1st animation its not that good but its a start.NNNNM =]



The Letter

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"He took me out of Shuvu Banim"

God Is With Us In the Exile to Take Us Out With Him

The Zohar in this weeks parsha (Torah portion) discusses how God so to speak goes into exile with the Jews in order to take us out with Him - this is a concept previously discussed on -

B"H the words of the Zohar lent themselves to a catchy tune which I still have not been zoche to make music to, but here's the melody:

Na Nach Reaches England

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Many New Books on

B"H we have recieved a new shipment of many Breslov books to our shipping center in Far Rockaway, NY. Inventory on has been updated. Some books that have been out of stock are now once again available.


B"H we have a new album coming out soon with a record release show on June 28th at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, NY. Also playing with us will be Rockawitz, Shin Shin Mem, and Pesach Chaim.
The album is called "This World Is Nothing" and stresses the importance of abandoning the vanity of this world for the truth of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

"One needs to remind oneself that this world is nothing, and to remember that the main point is to serve God" -Saba

Rabbainu all day and all night!!!

Saba made it clear, it should be clear even without Saba, but somehow only Saba is able to show people that the main thing is to adhere to Rabbainu all day and night. If one is unable to involve himself/herself in hisbodidus and prayer and must resort to studying the Holy Torah, one should be studying Rabbainu, just Rabbainu, all day and night (with a small sprinkling of the rest of the Holy Torah - as e.g. R' Yisroel Karduner reputedly studied everyday Chok Liyisroel from the Arizal). Saba said there will be yeshivos that study Rabbainu all day. A certain MSS told me that he visited the Saba and asked him about this, why Saba downplayed the importance of studying the Talmud, and Saba told him because now that is what it is, the main thing is Rabbainu!

What's really amazing is that more and more people are beginning to understand this and inculcate it in their study curriculum. As more and more people opt for Rabbainu, we find the study of the Talmud taken up by the South Koreans! There are more Koreans that own a Talmud and read it that there are Jews!

Please understand this correctly, the Talmud is very holy, and was written and compiled with Divine Inspiration. However the main purpose of studying the Torah is to illuminate the light of God in the world and in our hearts and souls, and therefore we must focus and study the parts of the Torah that are the most capable towards this purpose. In previous good times there was the study of the Zohar, Arizal, Chasidus, and now we need to give our full attention to Rabbainu Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Everyone knows that the Leviites were not enslaved in Egypt, the job of the Levites is to sing to God (see the Kuzari which emphasizes this phenomena, a whole tribe designated just for singing), they were free, the multitudes of the Jews were busy studying the Talmud, the Zohar considers this slavery! We definitely should merit to study and know the Talmud, but we must be careful to study it as free men.

The Koreans are studying the Talmud so that they can be smarter and more cultured. They are exercising these as one does a physical workout. This is not the way of freedom. Freedom comes when one is released from those confines of outside pressures that want to force a position and commitment, and is free in the realization that he/she already has God's complete and full undivided attention, God is watching and attending to him specificity, building and cultivating him. A free person doesn't (only) use his mind like a muscle, rather as a vessel and method of communication with H"Y (the RAK wrote about this many years ago). Today only by adhering to Rabbainu can we gain emancipation and maintain our liberty.

Parshas BiChuekosay

This weeks Parsha (Torah portion) begins with blessing to those who keep the Torah. The first words are: If in my commandments you go - אם בחקותי תלכו, taking out the middle word - which represents the Torah, we have the words: if you go, which have (without the last letter) the gematria (numerical value) of 491 = Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman. This signifies that Na Nach is the "Derech Eretz" - proper conduct, which preempts and surrounds the Torah.

Rash"i explains that going in the Torah means: שתהיו עמלים בתורה, to toil in the Torah. Rabbainu said that to be a Jew, i.e. to constantly rise from level to level, one must be in the Holy Land of Israel. Rabbainu also explains how to rise from level to level in Likutay Moharan (Tora 31). There are two parts to the Tora, revealed - doing, and hidden - listening, the hidden part being an aspect of prayer. One must take his studies to a place of prayer until what was considered hidden and esoteric to him will have transformed to be revealed and subject to be acted upon. Then he will be confronted with even more esoteric and hidden boundaries to constitute his prayers.

The word עמל - toil, alludes to this process of ascension. The first letter ע, means eye, to see and understand. The next letter n, stands for מלכות, kingdom - the female sfira which is an aspect of prayer. The final letter ל - למד, means to learn. Thus the word hints to this process of seeing to make ones learning into prayer, so that one's prayers can be then realized and acted upon, thus being afforded higher aspirations and prayers.

Thus the first verse of the parsha ends: ועשיתם אותם, "and do them". The final 4 letters - מאתם have the gematria of נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן, and the verse is saying that with this holy way of Nanach, ועשיתם אות ם, you will make the letter ם, that is you will make what was esoteric and hidden - the aspect of ם, into ועשית - that wich is revealed and doable.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Story of Saba's final trips to Uman for Rosh Hashana

Recently a reliable account was published on the Hebrew -

There's also some other good stuff, like a letter from Rabbainu warning not to have a single letter of other persons ideas printed in Rabbainu's books, and a clarification that the rabbis shouldn't acknowledge that their main sin is not following Rabbainu and not blame other things.

We Will We Will Nanach - music video

Song by EliNanach

Climbing and falling

Most people do not have a very active awareness or strong cognizance of God. Their minds may wander to different things semi conscious but they are not really using their intellect. The more a person trains himself/herself to contemplate and confront the reality of God, in measurements of time and depth, the more the mind will learn to demand it's usage. Therefor when the aspiring devotee falls from his quest, the mind and heart will still demand their learned attention, and having fallen from holy pursuits the person will be faced with new and more ardent desires and bad thoughts. When the person teaches himself to be able to find God even at those times, to subdue and channel his mind and heart correctly and faithfully even in the lack of holy desire and devotion, he will be ready to forge even greater vessels, opening his heart and mind to be even more attentive and relentless.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman gives a person the strength to ride the waves of this process, and to come out on top.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

We Will We Will NaNach!!!

laural & hardey nn

black shabbat

Awesome Nanach song by EliNanach

la na nach bamba

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Iyar (our present Hebrew month) and Tefilin of Rabbainu Tam

Both these things: Iyar and Tefilin of Rabbainu Tam share the same permutation of the Divine Name. This should encourage everyone to wear Rabbainu Tam tefilin as much as possible, Rabbi Nussun explains in Likutay Halachos how important this is especially in our times.

Hisbodidus; Thanksgiving and Prayer for Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

Monday, May 16, 2011

New Song

B'H I was zoche to assemble a new high energy hafatza-trance mix..
This one is long enough for a Hafatza stop on your local street corner..
..mixing some of my favorite trance tunes from the past few years.

"Meforsam Megamix" (16:38)


Listen: (wait 20 seconds for embedded video to load)

The words being shouted at 9:28 are "alei shor!" : "Arize Ox!", the phrase used to raise up Yosef's HaTzadik's bones from the depths of the Yam Suf. May we also be zokhe to raise up our bones too.. and dance.

Emunah and Ratzon

This past shabbos I came to a friend with a Kasha.
I asked for a reconciliation of two well known p'sukim:
1 "Emunah Zeh Kol HaAdam" Emunah is all of man (everything).
2 "Hakol Talui al Ratzon" Everything is dependent upon willpower.
Basically: "What's the relationship between emunah and ratzon, since everything is dependent on them?"

And the reconcilliation was as follows:
"The two are two sides of the same coin."
Likkutei Halakhos (dont recall exactly where) says:
Emunah = Keter d'Asiyah. = Transcendent level of the world of action
Ratzon = Malchus d'Yetzirah. = Manifest level of the world of feeling

Those who understand will understand.

(May have the two correspondences inverted, but bottom line remains.)

Hafatza Rap

The graduation of gradation, location to location, were diffusing the nation, with the nanach proclamation.

Proclaim emancipation from, this yetzer rotation, this cycle of degeneration, this madness plantation.

Delete it from creation, reversing your inclination, serving him in elevation, spread'n out this information.

Make way for Rebbeinu's invasion.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ramchal makes it clear what we should be studying

Recently there has been an arousing interest regarding the need to study Rabbainu all day. Here are two videos where the Ramchal addresses the issue in one of his letters, there's a second letter that's also comprehensive and powerful but I still do not have it available.

Nanach publishing; Good news and bad new

A week ago the Keren made a gathering in the Ramada of Jerusalem. They announced that they were in immediate dire need of 200,000 shekel and they named a list of books that are out of print and need to be published. They asked all present to take upon themselves to raise 2,000 shekel.

The good news is that Sharon of our Hebrew has just published an 8 volume set of Nanach pocket-books, for really cheap (a little more than a dollar each) and is about to publish B”H a new book of the words of Saba. He is making a celebration B”H this Monday in Petach Tikva.

Likutay Emunah is now selling Likutay Emunah, A sefer written by Saba on Emunah.

Available on

Friday, May 13, 2011

Nanach on MTV


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gemarra & Na Nach?

Nachmani, the halacha is like Nachman, three times--- his student is called ABAYE
(dear abbey (Chistian preacher/father/brother)) the spelling is like the book O-desser B-er I-srael ebay ha nachal. The letters are in the order of Abbaye and not I-srael B-er O-desser as can be expected.

The reason why a large % of the Gemarra is only for studying the struggle of humanity to step away from idolatry on different subjects and NOTHING ELSE is for the following reasons:

Only three tribes surely did not sin in the sin of the Golden Calf and these same three lead in the redemption. Levi is the architect, while Yehuda builds from within the borders and Efraim from without. Other tribes have important roles like Dan-- but their status with the Calf is less certain. WWII it was the Danish NON-JEWS that paid our tickets to Sweden.
Land of the Danes = DAN MARK



na nach just say it

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Freedom Of Speech

In this weeks Parsha (Tora portion), BaHar (on the Mountain - of Sinai). God commands us that on the 50th year we must call a Jubilee - Yoavail. The fields with all their produce are to be "hefker" free for all. All property in Israel must be returned to it's original owner. All Hebrew slaves must be freed.

Rabbi Nachman, in Likutay Moharan, revealed that the word "Yoavail" is the acronym: Vayaitzy Yitzchok LuSuach BaSude - And Isaac went out to converse (hisbodidus) in the field (and shortly thereafter he met his wife, our mother the matriarch Rivka).

For a person to gain or regain his freedom he must get into the practice of unburdening himself on God, to converse freely and openly with the Holy Merciful One God, even as one would with a close and intimate friend.

The word "Yoavail" actually means a horn - shofar, which Rabbi Nachman revealed is the expression of the song that is single, double, triple, quadruple. This is the song of freedom, emancipation, liberty: Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

na nach doors

Nanach Tehillim

Gam ki Elekh b'gei tzel maveth lo ira ro, ki ato imodi.
shivtekha u'mishontekha, heymo ye na nach nachma nachman m'uman-i
heh heh heh

ttaroykh l'fanai shulchan neged hamisnagdim

Monday, May 9, 2011

B"H a new Nanach song

click here:

All Day Nanach, Joy Without Fear

The Making of A Nanach

The Hebrew has a featured story (with a video) of how our good friend Sharon was the victim - and near fatality of a terrorist attack about 11 years ago, which led him to convert and be integrated into the Nanach cult.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Scottie Lazar

If anyone has any idea of how to contact Scottie Lazar ( Lives in Israel, married with 5 children).
Please email with the information.


Saba taught us that money is only his and only for hafatsa...bitoul- bitoul - bitoul do 100% what you understand he wants from YOU!

A "prosbol" is a greek legal term for a contract that extends BEYOND the Jubilee year and alows land or human slaves to stay under the ownership of the "boss".

This seems to be the reason that the second temple was destroyed.

Why is this so wrong and what does this have to do with Na Nach?

Two tribes did not participate in the worship of the golden calf-- Yehuda and Levi. Both chiefs of these tribes had attempted to prevent Am Israel from sinning-- by "coincidence" these two leaders stood with Moses in the fight against Amalek.

They were unable to out-power the "noafim" in the orgy of the calf. Members of Yehuda were certainly NOT happy about the dissobedience to their chief and his murder in front of the masses. Hur became a martyr in the name of "shmirat ha brit".

Third Palestinian Intifada Moves Aside For Nanach!

Someone just showed me a video on youtube about a third intifada, the video is about 4.5 minutes and till about a minute and a half in, the video is dedicated to the presentation of joyous Nanach dancing and hafatza! The rest of the movie shows sad things, like zionist conventions and different arab revolutions around the world, and mourning. They just don't seem to be able to emulate the holy ways of the Nanach.

This is the comment I posted to the video:
Wow, the dancing is amazing, do arabs also dance? If there would be more singing and dancing in the world, there would be more love, acceptance, and peace, no question about it!!!! Keep spreading the joyous message of the Nanach, the joy is infectious!

No one ever loses on Rabbainu!

Friday, May 6, 2011

nn metal

Blues Canani NaNachi

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Where's the heilege heilege Rebbe, Where's the heilege Rebbe Not?!!!!! Where's Not the Heilege Rebbe, Where's the Heilege Rebbe Not?!!!!!!!!!!

Nanach Explained on Larry King

na nach is beautiful

The point is Na Nach Nachma Nachman mayuman thing look good but dont last, Na Nach lasts...forever!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Na Nach Robots




New Song: Rebuild Jerusalem Singing Nanach

Rebuild Jerusalem Singing Nanach

New Video of Saba Never Released!!!!

Particularly interesting is a little more than a minute and a half into the video - when Saba says how he was born in Tiberias, and it looks like that he is disoriented, but it turns out that he is just conjuring up the memory in it's intensity.

The audio needs to be cleaned but B"H at least I got this far, there were a lot of impediments to do even this.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

B"H new publication of Yisroel Saba on the way

On the Hebrew there is an official thank you for 500 shekels ($148) that was put towards an amazing and much more accurate and credible new edition of conversations of Saba Israel (in the original Hebrew) which B"H will be sold for about 6 shekel a book (about 350 pages!). The book was formatted, edited, and everything else from beginning to end by our main manager of the Hebrew, a lot of work for the sake of Heaven. B"H we are aiming to print 2000 copies, and B"H you have helped to pay for about 100. In the opinion of many Nanach these conversations have been found to be the most effective tool in brainwashing people and indoctrination into Nanach as we know it. So this qualifies as top notch hafatza B"H.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

Aron Chai From the Jerusalem Old Quarter Keren's Nanach Store

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I just came across this video on youtube its a cute video

Do Teshuvah!

The MOMENT a person has a thought of doing Teshuvah, all of his sins are immediately wiped!

Nothing Stands Before Teshuvah!

Teshuvah was created FIRST!

This video always brings a smile to my face.
behold some real Hassidim:

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Nanach stickers and stickers

B"H today I received a shopping bag full of stickers that were published by, there was a mistake and the stickers were cut seperating the Hebrew Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman from the, but B"H all is for the best. It's a great sticker which also has the short message, in Hebrew: Hear O' Israel - (Israel is the letters) Song of God! - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Congrats.. the nam who brought you 9-11 died in honor of the holocaust

According to Lieberman this is the fateful day that the beast was shot dead.

Let's reward the victory over "Nirod" and may each friend find his proper shade under and in the tree.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

forgot to add the video, oops.
here it is.....

nanach !!!!!!

(video edited by stephen meenach)
*check the link above; the upload to here took too long.

happy nanach video !!!!

edited by stephen meenach.
awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!


Michael (W) has donated another $140 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Oyvagoy Nanachs Again

Another post from Oyvagoy about Nanach.

Keep up the Na Nach

Im a NaNach soul nanach