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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two things you should know about Pesach - Passover

There are lots of things you should know (take advantage of the index on the right side of the blog), but I'm in a big hurry to get out of Egypt so I only have time to tell you these, B"H.

1. Pesach - Nachman. Na Nach is freedom!

2. The Hagada only mentions Moshe Rabbainu once, so the litivish are saying that C"V they shouldn't confuse Moshe Rabbainu with Hashem (it seems absurd to me, however Chazal say that was precisely the mistake of the Dur Daya, the most knowledgable generation, they equated Moshe Rabbainu with H"Y, so I guess you have to be very smart to make such a mistake. On Erev Pesach there is a custom to read a letter from the Godly Kabballist Rabbi Shimon from Ostropoli who was killed in sanctification of the Holy Name, in this letter, which he emphasizes is an extremely awesome revelation, R' Shimon shows how the names of the Tzadikim are Divine, these are secrets of the Tora, hence it can be understood why people on the level of living Divine must be wary of not mistaking Rabbainu for God. It is also interesting to note that Rabbi Shimon discusses the Divine Ashe"r - which is letters R"osh - an obvious allusion to Rabbainu). The truth is that the night of the Seder is when all the Jews came to Moshe Rabbainu and they began their exudos. That is why Moshe Rabbainu's name isn't mentioned, because he's the one doing the talking (Eliyahu Hanuvi is the mouth of Moshe Rabbainu). Obviously the main thing that we have to accomplish at the Seder is to get to Moshe Rabbainu, who today for all intensive purposes is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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I AM LEAVING MITZRAYAM! One way or another. Preferably in one whole piece.