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Friday, April 8, 2011

Nanach news

B"H some Nanach just came back from an exciting trip to Rabbainu in Uman. A group of Nanach (including T. from Tsfas, CW, YAL, Yehoshua, and some chasidim) went to visit the Sofia park and they were attacked by about 10 masked Ukrainians, some of the Nanach fled others stayed to fight until the gentiles started with weapons. Later the Nanach returned but their attackers were no longer there. YAL had with him a new draft of a revised translation of Sipuray Maasiyot which got scattered during the fight (which I think he stayed for), later he was able to gather all the pages (I think) but the Ukrainians had burnt part of a Tikun Haklali.

Maybe for the first time ever I had an amazing experience with the police here in Israel on my hitching to Tsfas from Yirushalayim. The police began their routine of harassment asking me for ID, because how do they know who I am, and I am asking them what are they worried about, and waiting for things to esculate to threats and searches etc.. But this time Rabbi Nachman worked wonders, as I detected that the driver was wearing a large beanie and he seemed a little more amicable, so I smiled at him, and he began smiling and asked me if I was going to Tsfas to do hafatza, and if I knew Nir, and we began talking about Nanach, and I gave him my new disc - which he immediately put into the cd player - so that the rest of the conversation had "chap a Nanach" in the background. The driver tells me that he was in Uman 5 times for Rosh Hashana! No wonder! (even when the conversation became friendly they asked for my ID, it seems that this is something very deeply ingrained in them. So they get to discussing how they can help me, and he offers to drive me to the next junction, and he asks me straight out if there's anything he can do to help me! Then he gets out of the car and walks around to me and asks me my name - this time in a friendly way, and I reply - Simcha, and he says it's appropriate, and he slips me a bill, I say Toda (thanks), and they drive off. It turns out to be 100 Shekel!!!

B"H there was some other excitement hitching up, like a guy that stopped in the middle of a highway - he passed the inlet where I was before deciding to stop. The car behind him was someone learning how to drive and wasn't learned in the art of just switching lanes, so a small pile up began until I was able to get all my suitcases and stuff and myself into the vehicle.

Another guy that stopped for me was a chasideshe guy driving a large truck, he was kind of embarrassed about it - he told me that for him it is rather small because he's used to driving an 80 tonner!

There was more, but that's a taste.

Shlomo Carlbach was released a while ago, all charges against him were dropped. The nanach got him one of those celebrity lawyers who gave them a very discounted fee, which was still like 4000 shekel, and B"H Nanach prevailed.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!


Anonymous said...

Not to be critical, but why did some of the Na Nachs fight the Ukranians? I though Reb Nosson told Anash to avoid responding to physical confrontation in kind?

NaaNaach said...

B"H today I spoke with CW who told me that they did not fight back, everyone scattered and escaped. Later YAL went back with some Nanach to recover his holy material.
The previous comment about not fighting back, I don't know it's source. On the contrary, we are taught to be bear silently any disgrace or embarrassment, but if we are confronted physically we quite possibly have a mitzva to defend ourselves.

matityahu ben yochanan kohen hagadol said...

haba l'hargekha hashkem l'hargo
Sanhedrin 72a; Yoma 85b

chazaq w'ematz na nach