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Friday, April 22, 2011

Na Nach: who? and why? in a few lines...

Rabbi Nachmani is the teacher of Rabbi Abbayy (EBAY-Y in Hebrew)

"the halacha is like Nachman/ Nachman/ Nachmani" (Gemarra)

Meuman Nachman Nachma Nach Na Odesser Ber Israel

Hebrew letters indicate that the book called EBAY hanachal (nove mekor chochma) is indicative that the gardner is called Rabbi Odesser Ber Israel as opposed to Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser so you should know that:

From Uman Nachman Nachma... to Odessa (threw the) Ber (sea/well) to Israel and to Jerusalem (yrushalaim)

The name "Abayy" indicates that the beginning is Uman and the end is Jerusalem. At this moment already everything is in Jerusalem. Now let's bring the "kelim ketanim" - to do this we will confont the angel of Esav and even Ishmael!

YES WE CAN! Yesh Li Kol and he has a Rav - Kol the voice and "caller" of Jacob while Amalek tries to cut the head of at the neck "molek". Ra -ve = Bad and...

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