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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hashem's Clear Message

Hope to have more happier thoughts to transmit next time, especially during a Chag; but meanwhile, we must reflect on today's murder of Ben-Yosef Livnat, HY"D - May Hashem avenge his blood. Regardless of his exact set of beliefs within the Breslov movement, or whether being at Kever Yosef was a good spiritual choice regardless of the possible physical dangers involved, there is no doubt that Hashem didn't just pick anyone today to be the latest Korban - after being prevented by a democratic-for-Arabs-only government from offering the Korban Pesach last week, and presently waiting for the Korban Pesach Sheni that we just read about in today's Kerias HaTorah should Moshiach appear once and for all no later than the 14th of Iyar.

It seems that today's tragic events has everything to do with the Inyan of Yosef. The Kadosh bearing the unusual name of Ben-Yosef, this is the concept of being a Ben, a son, following in the footsteps of Yosef HaTzadik, who represented the concept of Shemiras HaBris, and was murdered by the Kever of Yosef HaTzadik. Moreover, his last name Livnat can be found exactly once in the entire Chumash (if not the entire Tanach) where it says Livnat HaSapir - "brick of sapphire (stone)". And as we see pertaining to the names of the stones in the Choshen HaMishpat that the Cohen Gadol wore, it was the Sapir (sapphire) stone that corresponds to Shevet Yosef! And this happened today, the day that we read about the Korban Pesach Sheni that was brought by Jews who were Tmei Mes, which the Midrash says, was due to carrying the Kever of Yosef! The question can be asked - if we know that all of the Shevatim - not just Yosef - were brought out of Mitzrayim to be buried in Israel, then why does the Midrash say that it was particularly because of being Tmei Mes carrying Yosef that these Jews were not able to bring the regular Korban Pesach?

It seems that the ultimate lesson that we can learn from here is that death to begin with is because of sin. And it was Yosef - who earned the merit of being called the title of Tzadik because he took great pains to prevent himself from sin - especially the Inyan of Shemiras HaBris. And so as great as the Mitzva of Korban Pesach is - for which one is Chayav Kares if one had the ability to offer it but didn't it - one who was Tmei Mes was forbidden to offer it. Before being able to be in the proper frame of mind of coming close to Hashem - as the word Korban indicates - one must do his utmost best to regret one's sins and resolve not to repeat them. Being impure of the dead reminds one of this concept, as death came to the world as the result of the eating of the Eitz HaDa'as. It is only with this proper frame of mind can one be able to offer a meaningful Korban to Hashem allowing oneself to be connected with Him, without being dragged into the temptions of the world, especially in regards to what opposes Shemiras HaBris.

A few observations of today's date - today's murder of Ben-Yosef Livnat occured on 20 Nissan, which is exactly half a year apart from 20 Tishrei, the 6th day of Succos marking the Ushpizin of Yosef HaTzadik. Also, today is the 6th day of Pesach, which in Hebrew can be read as Vav (the letter Vav) B'Pesach - which is the Gematria of Yosef's name (156). Finally, today is also the first day of the week of Parshas Kedoshim - and speaking on the Inyan of Kedoshim, those whose were murdered by non-Jews because they were Jews - Chazal enjoin us from where it says in the beginning of this week's Parsha "Kedoshim Tihyu" - to sanctify ourselves even regarding matters that are permitted to us (when they are not forbidden to us), which certainly means not to go overboard with the materialistic pleasures in this world.

Even if the Kadosh had not been a follower of Breslov, we could still learn these same spiritual lessons here, but Al Achas Kama V'Kama, the fact that he was a follower of Breslov that is the ultimate spiritual movement to represent Shemirat HaBris which includes the Tikkun HaKelali, this is certainly a big wake up call.

P.S. This is the second Chol HaMoed this year that a Breslover was murdered. On this past Chol HaMoed Succos - on 18 Tishrei marking the 200th Yahrzeit of Rabbeinu - another young Breslover who was months away from getting married was murdered by thugs in Uman, the city of the Kever of Rabbeinu.

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The villager said...

Thanks for the amazing insight-- what is G-d giving you to add about Na Nach? What do you conclude from ALL of this?