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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Did all this happen because she eight?

Eight days til BRIS MILA or the oath of the word. Tazriah or after giving birth a woman needs to wait to become pure (30 days for male birth). A woman suffers (depression is "tame") giving birth because of the "sin" of Eve. In her suffering she cries out 70 voices.

I know that 70 souls went to Egypt. Egypt is considered the womb where Israel was born as a nation. Coming out of Egypt was done thanks to G-d hearing our SCREAM, and crossing the sea was a lot like coming out of the womb.

The 70 souls of Jacob were going to Egypt because they DID NOT pay attention to the words of Josef.

This one word replaces the 70 screams and attones for them.

This word can only be said by one who is of CIRCUMBCISED LIPS (one who is pure in the bris). The word is the revelation of the true leader and head of Israel and the world. The soul that is said to have left the first man before he sinned, the soul who is revealed on the eigth day of the life of Israc (created after Eve, and after Shabbas). The soul who became flesh on the first of Nissan. Without being connected to this soul, we are like feet without a head or more precisely Amalekited.

The way to connect is to say Na Nach. Happy birthday- we are only alive when we have a head!

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