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Friday, April 8, 2011

All Jews Must Come to Live in the Holy Land

Saba was very insistent that all Jews should live in Israel, even though he asserted that Rabbainu himself was not still not interested in having his holy tomb moved to Israel, revealing that Rabbainu didn't care to be with the zionists and the desecrators of the Torah. Saba said it is unfortunate for every breath taken outside of the Holy Land, unfortunate for every second!

People sometimes get influenced by the great attention the media gives to Israel and they are led to believe that it might be C"V dangerous to live in Israel. The truth however is that the safest place in the world is in Israel! For all those in the U.S. consider the recent remark of the Brazilian government on the massacre a gunmen conducted in a school, that such a thing is similar to what takes place in the U.S.. Also consider the wikileaks leak on February 2, 2010, from the CIA about America exporting terrorism - although it looks like the report is garbage - e.g. it states that Baruch Goldstien was a terrorist C"V, when in reality, anyone who knows anything of the man, knows that he was a doctor who saved many many lives and only shot at the Palestinians to avert an imminent pogrom which the Israeli Government and army were unwilling and senseless to do anything. In any event he clearly wasn't sent by the U.S. as a terrorist, and this sheds light on the garbage the world considers secrets. If you want to know real secrets, start saying Nanach!


Anonymous said...

B"H with Hashem's blessings...very soon and a new family! NNNNM!!!!

IlaN-ach said...

Nanach! WHEREVER I GO ITS ERETZ YISRAEL! nanach, nanach, nanach, nanach, nanach.