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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Women Shouldn't Say Tikun Chatzos

It may be a good idea for women to start the day at Chatzos - Midnight, but in my humble opinion they shouldn't say the Tikun Chatzos. This is the ruling of the Ben Eesh Chay (Parshas VaYishlach) who consulted with another leading Posek of his time R' Eliyahu who confirmed his Psak saying that it was completely unheard of for women to say Tikun Chatzos. However the Caf Hachaim argues with them saying that just because they never heard of it, it doesn't mean that it never was done or could be done (this seems to my humble opinion very tenuous because the BE"C and R' Eliyahu weren't simply saying that they never saw it, they were saying that even in circumstances that it could have and would have been done, it wasn't). Further, the Caf Hachaim brings a few instances that the Feminine Divine Partzufim of Malchus are saying and singing at midnight so he feels that this is proof that women can also say the Tikun (this is what one of the commenters on was thinking about when he wrote that the Arizal in Shaar Hakavanos says that women can say TC, because to the best of my knowledge and all the Poskim I checked (and the actual Shaar Hakavanos) the Arizal never said such a thing, and on the contrary BE"C who was very familiar with all the writings of the Arizal, says clearly that they shouldn't, so the commenter must have been referring to the feelings of the Caf Hachaim), in the light of the ruling of the Ben Eesh Chai, the inferences of the Caf Hachaim do not seem to me to carry any weight (because obviously the BE"C knew that women wouldn't be able to be a merkava for this, and on the contrary it is the man who is the merkava for the Malchus here), and especially since in the book H"O by one of the leading MSS of our generation who tells people not to go to Rabbainu C"V there is the decision that women could say the TC, without any further consideration of the issue, it seems clear to me that it's better for women not to say it. However I do not see any grave danger in women saying it, so if for some reason a woman is so set out on doing it, it's not the end of the world.

The most important thing is to say, and to sing and dance, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!


Unknown said...

mitzvah's connected to time (besides nida) are not assigned to women who need to be available at all times for the holy jewish kinderlach.

Moshe Chaim said...

@ Charlette

I think he was talking about a woman who wanted to, eg, didnt have young children etc.

There was no hava amina to say she would be "required" or it would be "assigned" to her. Women are potur from Succah and Lulav as well, but I'm sure 99% of women do them, despite having holy Jewish kinderlach.

Moshe Chaim