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Thursday, March 3, 2011

This is for Chetzi- why the Torah is only for Na Nachs

Dear Chetzi,

Answering your comment....

Moshe Rabenu in 32/32 Names (Exodus for Egyptians) says clearly "and you if your raise their signature and if not, please erase me from your book" It starts out Im Tissa (if you raise) and the parasha starts out Ki Tissa (because you raise). So the "tikkun" (reperation) of the sin of the Golden Calf and the completion of the Mishkan (holy of holies) depends on raising the SIGNATURE which exiasts only on Rabbi Nachman's letter from heaven.

Without Na Nach being revealed, Moshe rabbenu rejects any responsability for authoring the Torah.

The proof:


(back then- he will sing - Moshe) Back then he revealed he WOULD sing IF (IM) BECAUSE (KI).

You Na Nachs are doing exactly what G-d and Moses wants when you spread the name Na Nach it's as simple as that!

No need to worry about anything but that-- don't look up at ANYONE who doesn't understand this, they cannot advise you on the direction you need to take in life, they will only distract you from the right cause, which you have already discovered. This can only be compared to being distracted during prayer. SAYING NA NACH IIISSS prayer! SPREADING NANACH is PRAYER, dancing NA NACH is BETTER THEN PRAYER!



The villager said...

by ignoring the miscelaneous and distracting thoughts during prayer, you cut right through the evil angels cutting off legs and arms . (rabbi Nachman)

chezi said...