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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some of many Nanach automobiles


Anonymous said...

kewl nnnnm!

Avraham said...

Two Questions:

Do You Know

1) How Many NaNach Vans There Are In Israel?

2) Aproximately How Many NaNachs Are There In Israel / Worldwide?


Anonymous said...

Avraham -
Im not sure exactly how many Nanach vans there are but there is a good amount i know of a couple Nanach vans/cars in america and would not be suprised if there were some in Canada i know of one that in the UK and theres a few in France but in Israel im not sure but like i said there are a good amount of Nanach vans there.
- How many Nanachs in the world i cant answer this with a 100% answer because i dont know all the Nanachs in the world but seeing that theres only around 14 million Jews in the world there should be a couple a million Nanach/Breslovers in the world but the number is growing seeing that people are constantly being drawn to NNNNM. Nanach is the fastist growing Jewish movement 2day.