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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Vort Over Seudas Roysh Choydesh  

"EmunaH zeh KOhL H(a)Adam!"

Without H (emunaH, Hashem) we are just plain Adam, not THE Adam, Not Adam with a H added to his name like "AvraHam."
האדם = Ruler of Angles.
THE ADAM = Master of Angles, what we were really created for, to rule (ratzon, netzach) over them (ourselves, our habbits-Angels[it is mashpiah outside: the world = mirror]) to do ratzoHn Hashem, but this is done to the degree that one is tamim before Their Omnipresent Creator... whom they are ALWAYS in front of (always AWARE of being in front of.)

Contemplate this chart or a few seconds,
remembering the H, ה associations.

A - Adam
D - David
M - MosheH >>>>>>> Moshiach

When I do what I am supposed to do MYself as part of MY chelek in tiikun Olam (Taking Personal Responsibility, true spiritual maturity, human evolution), I am called H'Adam-THE MAN (it would be zero ga'avah for someone on the level to say such about themselves.) Later on we see a connection between ~המן~ haMan.. the Man..."Haman H'Rasha!"

Because we are all supposed to understand and live the verse "the WHOLE world was created for me", the previous sentence (I do only MY job [also implies not looking at others, "Avraham Haya Yachid"]) should be read and applied personally. When we do what we were created for, we are a chelek of H'ADAM. It is a choice we make moment to moment, to be a ruler of ourselves (tamim, bittul to Hashem) or a slave to ourselves (khochmot in the sechel, lusts in the heart).

When we are H'ADAM then Moshe can enter our world with HASHEM as the force to Moshe's form, as H'Moshiach. No shortcuts, sorry.

.... but... !

!משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה
before the affliction (kilkul simcha) is created the cure. Simcha. Venahafokhu.

[בסיעתא דשמיא] Ha KOL Talu Al Rutzoyynnn

719 = [/[rebbi(+1)] = (force)/ + \(form) = [natan(+1)]\] = ישראל לנצח
Yisrael (Form, Hod) Lanetzach (Force, Netzach) = 719

...Pausing for some filler
The Rebbe came into the world ONLY to teach Rebbi Natan.
The Ari'zl came into the world ONLY to teach r' Chaim Vital.
Yom Hazikaron - Rosh Hashana - The Bechina of Mordechai's Call for 3 Days of Teshuva.
Three Days of Fasting = 40 Fasts = 40 Years of walking with Moshe in the desert to Eretz Y'.

(719) - אמן) (91) - (354)יום הזיכרון, [adnut + havaya] [Shem H' vanished from purim story]) = Mordechai (274).

רצון = 346 = מקור

a 346 (ratzon / force) - 274 (mordechai / form) = 72, the letter count in the Name Moshe used to destroy an Evil Egyptian oppressing a Jew, though this was a shortcut, and as we know... shortcuts are illusions, the real work-effort has to be done too, in some form or eventual time... such as - NOW!

72 = מכה בגב
גב = 32
32 = כבוד = לב

We know that when a person is embarassed, his pride-"Kavod" is broken, this is known in the Talmud to be an aspect of death, a huge atonement for sins which can only be atoned for through death.

5 = ג+ב = ה

.destroying the final H of a person from Y-H-W-H, to destroy his malchus, is to destroy his soul emanation in malchus, Asiyah, and can even destroy the body entirely, talui al ratzoyn. A hit in the back (72 = מכה בגב) right behind the heart (גב = 32 = לב) .. enough of a shock of embarassment or/and physical pressure (its about gettin the sum total of the physical pressure into one's ratzon) and well.. cardiac arrest.

In destroying the ה (malchus, final H of Havayah) in Haman, reversing the process of Adding a H to a name (like from avram to avraHam), we are left with מן, the falling MaHn. Haman is also lashon kavod, THE (HA) -Man. Haman thinks he is THE man, all the false pride which belongs to hashem... we then take away the "ה", the "The" from the beginning of his name, and he is left being just man, weak, powerless, entirely hang-able from a nice tall ashura tree for all to see.

Haman = 95, - 5 [hהh] = 90 = מים: 'The wicked witch' ('Wizard of OZ' [subtle "AZ yashir Moshe" reference]) has melted like water מים into the sand of the desert (like Moshe's Slain Mitzri) which we are still circling, waiting to enter the promised land with Moshe, our Beloved Rebbe! We are his generation, HE is our REBBE! and WE are not entering without him!!! The wonders in Az Yashir... Mayim.. Sham Mayim... Yam... Moshe MSH is the same letters as Hashem HSM... The living manifestation of Hashem's will in a physical body? Moshiach? Moshe Moshiach? The Rebbe's Fire (petek reference) will continue to BURN and BURN and BURN at us until it forces Moshiach completely out of us and into the world. As the Rebbe Says Moshiach cannot come until arrogance (levush of Hashem) has left the world (restored to its proper place). We only get burned or embarassed when we have pride to lose in the first place! We have no place with pride... it belongs to Hashem. OZ vehadar levusha AZ yashir Moshe w'Benei Yisrael!

With Every Bizayon, another chelek of levushaH (Hashem) is removed from us and restored to its rightful bearer, Hashem, Goaleinu. and allows room for Moshiach to enter our malchus.

There is nothing like bizayon lishmaH. Who cares what it atones for regarding your cheshbon! You are Dust! Stop looking around (past, present, future) and just get to work! The sooner we are free, the sooner we are all free! This is not about you or me, we are ALL in this together. There is only achdut, so stop with the un-necessary pirudim, chokhmot, and taavot! Clap! Teshuva, Simcha, Open The Heart, Accept Everything Lovingly, Do what you can with what you have, Be happy with what you have, your lot in life and eternal life! Simcha!

!משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה
Also read the M in Mishenichnas as: HE who ushers in Adar...
So be the one to usher it in!

The degree that one leads and rules himself,
is the degree to which he leads others, by choice or not.
How effectively a person channels and galvanizes Ratzon,
is dependent on how EMET he is, Emet between his heart and his mind.
Hitbodedut unlocks the heart from the ckokmot prison of the mind, and then
when a person goes back and continues sekhel life with hitbodedut-acquired-emuna-lev,
he then connects the two properly and lives an Emet life, a blessed life,
a full life, a life filled with Hashem, filled with his own heart/neshama,
a life he desires in his Heart (not just mind) to live, a life worth living.

נ נח נחמ נחמן = יסוד רוחני = יום הזיכרון = מלמד כי קיימים = 354

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