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Monday, March 14, 2011

Real Hafatza - full value for your dollar!

As you know, B"H recently a few chaverim (Nanach friends) got to together and published (in Hebrew) "Stories and Parables" of Rabbainu. It is of medium size, soft cover but of the most durable binding, and sold for 6 shekel a copy (and often given for free). So far B"H we have already published and distributed 4,000 copies, and are in the process of making a new publication of 5,000 copies, of which many will be hard cover.

There has been another major publication from Nekuda Tova, who put out a whole selection of Breslov books (large, soft cover), each one has the Sipur Hiskarvus (story of how Saba got into Breslov). This Shabos by the Rashb"i I think I saw like 7 different books, and I don't know if I saw all of them. They include "Yimay Hatluu" - Rabbi Nussun account of what he and the Breslover Hasidiim had to endure from the misnagdim, and books on specific topics like happiness.

B"H this is a fulfillment of what Saba said that the people will choose, it's just us little regular guys pumping out Rabbainu into the world, to restore their hearts.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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