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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Purim misconception spotted...

Esther's second day forms the third day of the holiday of Purim. This corresponds to the three days of fast. How can one EAT(fill his belly), while the spiritual life is being destroyed?

The third day of Purim, turns out just like the second day. The concept of a feast being greater then a fast is expressed by Rabbi Nachman who claims that proper eating on Shabbos is worth six days of weekday fasting. So much for explaining the value of the second day of feasting- but why is the third day different?

On the third day King (N)arach-ve-rosh (snake and head (N being "King") asked Esther to fly and ask for ANYTHING not just up to half the kingdome. It was HER CHOICE as SUPREME RULER that the third day would be like the second.

HOW DARE SHE? The supreme ruler, and she knew it all the time, was Mordecai.

The to be continued happened at the Purim fest of Nuremberg in 1945.

Will Am Israel become faithful to her husband this year on a permanent basis?
Shimshon's powers were in his hair, which can be cut and eyes can be pierced.
A kippa bearing Na Nach's powers can NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY because he is wholly attached to the True Tzaddik (his head) and no Amalekite can cut his faith from its head.

As a follower of Na Nach I propose to end this cycle and on the third day of Purim we place the Na Nach crown on all the Kings sons, so they be stronger then Shimson.

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