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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Prayer to Bring Kever of Rebbe Nachman to Israel

Sharone Tel-Tsur
World Committee to Bring Rebbe Nachman to Jerusalem

is organizing a prayer at the Kotel

Yom Rishon 4 PM Eruv Rosh Chodesh Adar II

Please pass on the word

Lets bring the bones of the Tzaddik HaEmet home
and start the Geulah!!!


chezi said...

did he want his remains to be brought to EY?

Gabriel Designer said...

Shalom NaNaCh!!!

New Video:



The villager said...

Nachamo nachamo ami- Shabbas after 9 of av is called shabbas Nachamo, simply because the 3ed Temple and the 3ed Medina Israel is the medina of Rabbi Nachman. It mentions Jerusalem and says that we will have paid twice for all our sins. Read that Haftorah-- it is unusual for a shabbas to be called by the Haftorah parsha. It is a hint that it is followed by EKEV (heel or walk after) and ( Vahitranan - search for (g-d)). All this and much much more points to the validity of bringing Rabbi Nachman to Jerusalem EVEN IF you don't care that his closest and longest follower and disciple didn't spend ONE SIMGLE Rosh Hashana at Rabbi Nachman's grave in |Uman because HE went to Israel and was buried miraculously next to the ARI Ha kadosh. HE KNEW that Rabbi Nachman was coming to Jerusalem and at the time, he couldn't be buried there yet. The man that was physically close to Rabbi Nachman almost every day of his life knows where to go to be with him as much as possible after his death! I trust Rabbi Nachman's driver more then the often mislead crowds.