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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nanach Yeshivas

Someone asked me how come we don't see more NaNach in the yeshivas, and what alternatives do the NaNach have to Yeshiva?

Most Yeshivas are for an age that is not yet strong enough to have the strength of character and personality to be able to be independent, there are exceptions but they are few, but B"H the more NaNach is growing and the light of Rabbainu is intensified, it is happening much more. It is very hard to be able to lead a Nanach lifestyle in a Yeshiva, aside from the peer pressure etc., there is also having to go to sleep early to wake up for chatzos, and how can a Nanach waste (this is the Ramchal's language, see letter 88 and 89) his day learning hours and hours of Talmud? In the last few years there are small Breslov yeshivas that support getting up Chatzos and learning and doing Rabbainu, and some of them are really Nanach friendly. These are kind of off the map yeshivas, but I think recently they are growing stronger. Saba said that there will be Yeshivas that learn the holy books of Rabbainu all day!

Any Nanach that has the guts to stand up for his principals, can easily get along, we have plenty of Nanach that offer hospitality, and there is free food. At Rabbi Shimon and other holy places, one can almost always meet other Nanach and have good friendships. And of course one can always join a Nanach van.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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