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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nanach lineage and destiny

a few months ago I posted some footage of a Nanach bris mila and pidyon habain, recently I learned that the father had been a prized student, considered an iluy - prodigy - at the most central mizrachi yeshiva Har Hamor, he was wed to the Rosh Yeshiva's (dean's) granddaughter, and shortly thereafter became hard-core Nanach, B"H. This was with great sacrifice, for he was no longer able to continue being at the yeshiva and instead has found menial janitorial work in another yeshiva, just to stay loyal to the truth of Nanach! May H"Y bless him and all of the Nanach!


nothinbut100% said...

stay strong.
big chizuk too...
thnx for posting.
may Hashem bless him to stay strong and be true to his heart.
nothin else matters.

IlaN-ach said...

amen amen