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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Majestic Faces

Likutei Halakhot: Hilkhot Purim
Halakha 1

The matter of Purim and kriat hamegilah/the megillah reading. According to what Rabeinu wrote in the essay "Uv'yom Habikurim" (LM #56); take a good look at the whole essay there.

1. And behold, the main strengthening of the malkhut harisha`ah/the Evil Malkhut who is Haman-Amalek, is when the malkhut di'kedushah/the Malkhut of Holiness is hidden, in the aspect of haster astir/I will doubly hide [Deut. 31:18] and u'le'um mi'le'um ye'ematz/one nation gets strong as the other [gets weak] [Gen. 25:23]. And therefore the malkhut of Achashverosh became strong via the blemish and error of eating, because since he caused them to derive benefit from the meal of that wicked man, thereby he became strong over them. Because via blemish of the eating comes hastarat panim/hiding of the [Divine] "face," in the aspect of vehistarti panai vehayah le'echol/I will hide my face, and they shall be for food, as our Rebbe said in another place (LM 47), because via blemish of eating, when it is not done properly, a person can fall God forbid from all the seventy faces of the Torah to the aspect of sleep, which is aspect of hastarat panim......
But in truth there was power in Mordechai to reveal the hidings (as Rabeinu wrote there), and he also had power to awaken and make them rise from the sleep and the fall from all the seventy faces from the blemished eating. Because Mordechai is aspect of rav chesed/merciful great one, aspect of hadrat panim/majestic faces, aspect of Atik Yomin, aspect of sipurei ma`asiyot shel shanim kadmoniyot/tales from ancient times, through which they can awaken from sleep of all the seventy faces. Because Mordechai is in gematria of rav chesed (as brought in that essay), and this is that which we found that Mordechai brought the whole root of that redemption via a tale -- aspect of vayaged Mordechai l'Ester hamalkhah/and Mordechai told to Ester, that he told her a story that happened. "L'Ester/to Ester" -- because she is aspect of the hastarah/hiding, aspect of sleep, in order to awaken from sleep and reveal the hiding thereby, as mentioned. And therefore...

Picture: Majestic faces of Na Nach in Tsfat overlooking Meron towards Rashbi

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