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Friday, March 18, 2011

a big poker game or a big game of chess? both!

Saba holds all the cards as the Na Nach's have found out little by little. The opponent is bent on making things look bad to confuse the non Na Nachs.

Like in the days of Avraham when the liers wanted to sacrifice their own children to Moloch to prove how strong their faith in this sheker was, knowing that Father Avraham would not call the bluff and loose all his followers.

Avraham who held all the cards and could go in and out of fire alive could also sacrifice his own son, since that was the only way to call the bluff.

The Bal Davar will have to show his empty hand in the end and we all know he can't do that... so hold on, the ride might get very tough.

As for the game of Check-mate. You know that the King is not really allowed to take out the other King, he leaves that up to his disciples. Don't expect Saba to fight this one for us, he can help, but we need to "achieve" (acheve (fr.)) the battle.

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