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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another misconception spotted..

Pru ur vu, to reproduce. The first time G-d commands this, he commands it to the fish and the birds. The second time he commands it, he commands it to the sons of Noach- and immediatly after, Ham goes a bit "overbord" and is cursed by Noach.

Let's notice how the two commands differ.

The birds and the fish are given the waters and the skies, while man is given dry land. The difference is obvious isn't it?

Are there anything else but birds in the sky?
Are there anything else but fish in the sea?
Are there anything else but men on earth?

Yes, there happens to be other creatures then men on earth, they out number men greatly. This command is to take control of the earth, not just to spread geographically and cover space (like plants).

Man needs to do what the first man did in Gan Eden, he needs to administer the WHOLE garden. Pru ur vu for us means to "convert" the garden back to the will of G-d. This is why we need "kol BAIT Israel" instead of "kol Israel". Kol BAIT Israel includes the whole garden tended by a member of Israel. When the horses breed, this is pru ur vu for Israel and when students gather to learn Na Nach, this is also Pru Ur Vu.

When Ham goes in his fathers tent while he is drunk to contemplate his nakedness (physical actually) this has little to do with spiritual Pru Ur Vu. Rabbi Nachman in fact states that the breath of children that have not known sin, is inpired by the TENT of the Tzaddik. The tent, Bait, garden, all these are related. Avraham Avinu's TENT was in the middle of the desert, to emphasize the importance of spiritual learning or pru ur vu. The fact that he was willing to sacrifice Israac showed that no technical difficulty even existed there.

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The villager said...

"le eyney kol Israel" is at the end of (bal Devarim) before Ber-et-shit, while "le eyney kol BEIT Israel" is at the end of SHEMOT and before Ve YKRa.