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Sunday, March 13, 2011

7 Adar

For 7 Adar
The Hilula of Moshe Rabbeinu A"H
Likutei Tefilot II:8

Like a shofar I shall raise my voice, Master of the World, Singular Lord, Ruler of All -- have mercy and be gracious unto me in Your great compassion, and send us a good and fit and proper mokhiach/Rebuker/Inspirer/Strengthener, a true Rebuker who will be fit to rebuke Your people Israel in truth.

And protect us and save us in Your great compassion, from rebukers who are not fit and proper to rebuke Your people Israel.

For as you Know, not every man is fit to rebuke, for the rebukers who are not fit and proper, can God forbid weaken our souls through their rebuke which is not proper.

Therefore we have come before You O Hashem our God and God of our fathers, Lover of His People Israel -- have compassion on us for Your name's sake, and send us a proper Rav and Rebuker who will be fit to rebuke us in revealed rebuke from hidden love.

Fit me with a merciful Tzaddik and let him rebuke me with his good rebuke, with the rebuke of Moshe Rabbeinu, Peace be upon him, through whose good rebuke he adds and gives a good smell to our souls, and let him strengthen and encourage our souls through his good rebuke.

And let our souls be strong and courageous and mighty in great power of holiness, until a good profusion and blessing shall flow to all the worlds dependent on our souls, such that we merit through the proper Rebuker to come back in complete return before You in truth from love, until all our transgressions be reversed to merits.

And bestow upon the true Rebuker the voice of Moshe which is the Voice that will be awakened in the future, which is the Simple-Double-Triple-Quadruple Song [Tik. Zohar #21, daf 51b], made up of Your great and holy name which is the song of mercy that shall be played in the future on the 72 strings when the time comes in the future for the Tzaddikim to receive their reward.

Happy is the ear that shall merit to hear the voice of this Song!

Have compassion on us in Your great compassion, and give us such a Rebuker who will be able to rebuke us with the Voice of this Song.

And let the scripture be fulfilled in the true Rebuker which says, "Call out with the throat, do not hold back; raise your voice like a shofar." [Isa. 58:1]

And let us merit that the voice that waters the Garden of Eden should be revealed and drawn on us, which is the "river that went out from Eden to water the Garden," [Gen. 2] which is the Voice of this holy Song that shall be awoken in the future at the time that You renew Your world in Your good mercy, as is written, "A world shall be built up of benevolence" [Ps. 89:3] -- through which Voice all the good smells and all the holy awes grow.

And draw upon us complete awe, upper awe, awe of the loftiness, fear and fright, and let me creep and tremble before You always.

And let me merit to feel Your holy awe on me always, in all my 248 members and my 365 sinews, and let Your awe be on my insides/face that I should not miss the mark, and grant me true humility, until I merit to be included in You in truth..............

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IlaN-ach said...

mayan prophecies..
maayan yishisuhu...
merona (brand at Target)..
to meyron!...

to the promised land... to sing... by meyron......

na nach nachma nachman....
moshiach now!