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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

36 not 32

In the time of Na Nach... the Torah will no longer be considered to start where it is CUT after Devarim and starting with Bereshit. "le eyney kol Israel (cut) Bereshit bara elokim..." closest to the CUT are the letters L from Israel and B from Bereshit forming LB or Lev in Hebrew, heart (broken heart). The Torah has to deal with the lusts of the heart and how to dominate them or break them.

In the time of Na Nach... the Torah will end with Shemot "le eyney kol BEIT Israel (cut) Vayikra Elokim le Mohe lemor, daber..." Here we read LVav or 36, which is refering to the 36 saints which are the pillars of every generation - 36 Jewish and 36 Non-Jewish which for 72 the number of the San Hedrin (supreme council) which is a close number to 70 nations and 70 children of Jacob the man of truth. The Torah will deal with determining WHO is the head of the 72 sages!

Reshit Am Amalek... the first of Nations is Amalek while Bereshit starts with a big B you see that Vayikra ends with a little A and start with the word "and" signifying NOT being first.

The big middle finger all Americans know represents an Amalekite while the Pinky is the smallest most humble of the five fingers. The petek has two of the first five lines beginning with "meod" (very). they are the longest and the shortest. The first is the longest while the shortest is placed in the middle. THIS is a correction of nature similar to what the Torah of Moshe is doing by placing the true leader in the middle an the perverted dog first.


Unknown said...

I can take a hint. Executing.

Unknown said...

PS... Armenians?

The villager said...

Those that deny the existence of G-d, and want to feed the population lies. To a lesser, but very destructive extent, also those that believe in "all" the leaders.

So many people are struggling in the night, its heart wrenching. How perveted to keep them enslaved in order to benefit from their misery. I don't think the slave master is a human Pharoe this time- it's much worse, but with Na Nach we can manage this version better then the last Please G-d. NO FEAR!