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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New NaNach Music Disc

B"H this Nanach just produced 500 copies of a new Nanach disc, B"H all the songs are available for free on the music site - complete music by Lazer Storch of Nekuda Tova (and two other songs), the catch is that many of these songs are in Yiddish, especially targeting the ultra haredim and yeshiva bochurim (single boys/ students) that don't have access to computers and internet B"H.

Amongst the many awesome songs is the incredible: Rabbainu ze (is) hu-abba (father) Rabbainu ze (is) hu-emma (mother) Rabbainu ze Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman (as taught by Rabbainu and repeated by Saba)! It is amazing to hear little pure Meah Shearim children gleefully singing this rocked up tune!

This production was made possible with the help of your contributions, thank you all.

Tzvi Leven invites all the Nanach and Want to be Going to be Nanachs to his engagement party

tonight B"H at Duvid Hamelech - Har Tzion - to make sure check this out on Facebook.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Steven (S) has donated another $180 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

Will the U.S. turn on Israel

When Israel started to bring in the approximately million Russians, many of whom are not Jewish (to say the least), people asked Saba what it was all about, and Saba reputedly answered that the Russians are big and make good soldiers, and in the future the U.S. would turn on Israel, and they would be scared because of the Russian soldiers.

So it's interesting that a conservative radio host, Glenn Beck has recently began to suspect that the U.S. is up to no good.

Beck And Right-Wing Media Have Repeatedly Pushed Theory That Obama May Attack Israel

Beck Claims United States Will "Mount A Campaign Against Israel." On his radio show, Beck discussed the situation in the Gaza Strip, claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood is "taking over the military in Egypt" and forming what he called a "mammoth protection force for the Palestinians." He then said: "I'm telling you, Israel is being set up." He continued: "And you watch, you mark my words, responsibility to protect will be used to go and mount a campaign against Israel. Please, I am begging Jewish-Americans to wake up. Please, wake up." [Premiere Radio Networks, The Glenn Beck Program, 3/25/11]

Frank Gaffney: "The Gadhafi Precedent: Could Attack On Libya Set The Stage For Action Against Israel?" In a Washington Times op-ed, Frank Gaffney commented on the U.S. decision to join a multilateral effort to establish a no-fly zone over Libya, writing that the "Gadhafi Precedent" could be "used in the not-too-distant future to justify and threaten the use of U.S. military forces against an American ally: Israel." [The Washington Times, 3/21/11]

Fox Nation: "Could Attack On Libya Set State For Action Against Israel?" The Fox Nation website highlighted Gaffney's article, using the headline: "Could Attack on Libya Set Stage for Action Against Israel?":

[Fox Nation, 3/22/11]

WorldNetDaily: "American Military Targeting Israel?" In a column referring to Gaffney's article, WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein wrote: "Could President Obama's decision to sidestep Congress and strike Libya as part of an international coalition put the U.S. on a military collision course with Israel?" He further stated: "While the prospect of American or Western forces confronting Israeli troops may seem remote, one Middle East policy expert is warning the precedent set by Obama in agreeing to target Libya opens the door to other possible United Nations-backed confrontations, including perhaps one day with Israel." [WorldNetDaily, 3/22/11]

Just to clarify: personally I have almost no interest in predicting the future and trying to decide questions that aren't practical - I have a hard enough time dealing with real life decisions. the reason why i posted this was because Saba supposedly said it and having bumped into that article I put the two together just to get people a little excited, and only because I thought that it can have a positive effect on people helping them realize that they can only rely on H"Y through Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

Getting "high" is good for serving God

Rabbainu emphasized that which our Sages taught that a little amount of alcohol, the right amount, can elevate a person. Rabbainu also taught (Sefer Hamidos, the Book of Attributes, entry of "house" second section number 1) that is more propitious for one's devotion and worship of God to dwell in an upper floor than to dwell in a lower floor. So it is no surprise to see these results in a recent research:


Nanach on Israeli tv With english subtitles

WARNING this video does show women who are not modestly dressed

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

its a Na Nach party

Saba Yisroel


Monday, March 28, 2011

Nanach fisherman cartoon

Song by Simcha Hochman get a FREE download from the music site as well this cartoon idea was given to me by Simcha. If you notice that a fish hook looks similar to the letter Nun.

Nanach on american tv

small scene of a Nanach dancing(i think its Gili Nanach?) from a document called the streets of Jeruslam from Shalom tv.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Noelle (S) has donated another $18 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.

What's ur opinion

In our prayers (before shemona Esray) we say he is the first and he is the last (hu rishon vehu Acharon).
But it's written in the Poem Adon Olam without a beggining and without an end.
I personally read Adon Olam and say with a Reshis and Acahris (beggining and end). I rely on Anshei Kennest Hagedola who compiled the prayers over a poem which was written much later. Actually, the Torah starts with the word in the beggining. I leave this to the descretion of others.
Actually In Shichos Rbbe Noso writes saying Adon Olam. So it's hard for me

Na Nach Torah

Moshe told Aharon to do the sacrafices inagurating the Tabernacle. Ahron was hesitant and felt not worthy due to his partaking of the golden calf. Moses reiterated and said this was God's will. After Aharon brought the sacrafice on the alter, God did not devour the sacrafice. Aharon said to Moses why did you embaress me? I told you I am not worthy!
Nadav and Avihu, the sons of Aharon, saw their father's embarrassment and went into the Holy of holies with an incense offering. A fire from Heaven came and devoured them, but at the same time ate the offering Ahron brought on the Alter. THe children of Aharon sacraficed themselves in order that their father would not be embarrased. This is apparent in the verse; "those who are close to me caused me to marry(to bring God into the house to eat the sacrafice).
This all came to me from the Zohar. The whole world says Nadav and Avihu brought a strange fire without Moshe's command. As if to say they were wicked,but the Zohar writes; On yom kippur when we read the portion of Shemini, if one cries when hearing the verse of Nadav and Avihu's death he is asssured his children will not die in his lifetime. The disgrace that Aharon suffereed will not come upon him. Nadav and Avihu's sacrafice lives till today to shield us.

Geval Gevalt GEVALT!

Dont Despair!

purim 2011

purim 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nanach has taken over all the radios in the world.

Now everyone cant over come the temptation of dancing and being Happy because all thats playing on the radio is Na Nach songs.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Weeks Haftora (section from the prophets read after the Torah reading)

In this weeks 'would be' haftora (the standard haftora for Parshas Shmini, however this week is Parshas Purrah, so we read a different section) King David dances with all his might and with all types of technique and style in honor of the holy Ark ["which is called the Name Name God of Hosts..."]. The Queen, Michal the daughter of King Shaul felt that this was inappropriate and degrading conduct for a King of Israel, and King Duvid told her that God chose him over her father Shaul and this is how he conducts himself, and on the contrary even if he were to be more light-headed, and hold himself even lower, it would be worth while earning the respect of the maidservants, celebrating before God! The prophet says that Michal was punished and she didn't have children. (as R' Shlomo Carlbach probably would say, how can someone incapable of appreciating being free and innocent bring children into the world?!).

This is a classic demonstration of the true path of the Nanach, dancing on the street and rejoicing with straightforward simplicity in the light of God. Some claim that this is G"f a desecration of the honor of Judaism, and they punish only themselves with this judgement, for they will never bear true progeny R"L. God already revealed to us His appreciation!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Right after I wrote this I was reviewing previous posts and I found that I had already wrote about this in 2009 B"H, here's the link: Nanach - The Way to Eretz Yisroel!

Simcha - Buy the Nanach beanie NOW!!!

Learning Halacha Every Day - My Two Blogspots

Yes my friends, I recently started a couple of blogspots in fulfillment of the directive of Breslov Chasidus to learn at least one Halacha per day. My daily blogspot for the first five days of the week- is dedicated to learning the Halochos of the Korbonos & Avoda in the Beis HaMikdash, as we will soon need to know these Halochos when the Beis HaMikdosh will soon be rebuilt when the imminent arrival of Moshiach - especially the Cohanim. (The Chofetz Chaim emphasized learning especially this part of the Torah, which has extra merit including being considered as though one brings the Korbonos that one is learning about.) Then for Erev Shabbos, I have a separate blogspot - dedicated to learning the Halochos of Shabbos which are numerous, and as the Chofetz Chaim quotes the Ya'aros Devash, unless one is learned in all of Hilchos Shabbos, one is liable to unintentionally be Mechallel Shabbos. This blogspot also includes Divrei Torah from the Parsha for Shabbos. Both blogspots are arranged in an understandable translation/adaptation of the original text and categorized, making the Halachos learning friendly. B'Ezras Hashem, I will start shortly be tagging my posts for quick reference and review. Enjoy!

Nanachs spreading joy to IDF soldiers

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Dear Nanach Yisroel Dov Shalom

This took place I think on Purim near Carmiel, but I'm not sure of the details. He was attacked by 3 arabs, and being trained somewhat in the ways of the Nanach Abir Yehoshua Sofer (check it out e.g. at he beat them up pretty bad, but then they came back with hammers and stuff and they beat him pretty bad (didn't see but I heard he has a pretty ugly bruise on his face and he's limping) with the hammer, but he miraculously walked away B"H. Pray for his full and speedy recovery.

Long live the Nanach!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

A Second Simultaneous Nanach Debate On Facebook

Everyone's welcome to check it out and partake:

click here: Nanach in your Facebook!

Chap A Nanach - a Yiddishe Nanach Music Video

Pray for our good friend Shlomo Carlbach

On purim in Tsfas when he was drunk Shlomo Carlbach poured some wine on a policeman (the police in Tsfas are notorious for harassment and corruption), so the police beat him up pretty bad, may H"Y repay them quickly sevenfold, and as of yesterday he was still locked up, may H"Y free him and restore him to good health and well being very soon, and avenge him.

Long live Shlomo Carlbach!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Power of a Mikva

B"H not so long ago I bought a new watch which I have been wearing now for a few weeks. This Shabos I forgot to take it off before going into the mikva by Rashb"i, until after I finished a whole bunch of immersions - of course having the Kavana (concentration/intention/meditation) of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, the river that cleanses all stains - when I finally realized and removed it, and did some more dipping. The amazing thing is that shortly after I suddenly realized that the watch has two crosses - the sign of divergence that causes so much suffering to hundreds of millions of people for thousands of years - on it. The whole time it was staring me right in the face, but until it got dipped in the mikva it got away unnoticed. This also helped me to understand some other things going on in my life B"H.

[BTW according to one opinion in Tosfos in tractate Yevumos, even after avoda zura has been abolished it still isn't the best thing to have around]

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dedicated to all the Nanach kids!

Reb Nanach With A BaNana In His Ear

In honor of Isru Chag Shushan Purim, we are proud to present this Nanach comedy to you:

Journal of the Senate listening to Rabbainu!

Journal of the Senate
The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.
Senator Clemens in the Chair.
Reverend Carl Gauck offered the following prayer:
“While praying, listen to the words very carefully. When your heart is attentive, your entire being enters your prayer without your having
to force it.” (Rebbe Nachman of Breslov)
Heavenly Father, we know that with all the demands on us and time away from those we love, we are not as centered as we have need
to be. Help us to pray and listen to those words and be centered in You. Help us to lovingly move among one another and work co-operatively
one with the other so our decisions are helpful, and our bills accomplish precisely what You desire. In Your Holy Name we pray. Amen.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Senate Opens With a Quote From Rabbainu 5 Times!

This is absolutely amazing, I just discovered this B"H. There's something called "Journal of the Senate" which documents the proceedings of the sessions of the senate. So this guy, who I couldn't find very much about reverend carl gauck opens up the session with a prayer, and at least 5 times he introduces the prayer with a quote from Rabbainu!

Here's an example:

Journal of the Senate
The Senate met pursuant to adjournment.
President Kinder in the Chair.
Reverend Carl Gauck offered the following prayer:
“Life makes warriors of us all. To emerge the victors, we must arm ourselves with the most potent of weapons. That weapon is prayer.”
(Rebbi Nachman of Breslov)
Gracious God, we do come to You now in prayer. We pray in thanksgiving for safe travel and Your abiding presence. We pray for
encouragement that all the work that has been done is helpful to complete our work. We pray for open and dedicated minds so we might be
helpful one to the other in the work before us. And we pray that our efforts may produce the outcome that is most beneficial. In Your Holy
Name we pray. Amen.
The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited.
A quorum being established, the Senate proceeded with its business.
The Journals for Thursday, July 1, 2010 and Thursday, July 8, 2010 were read and approved.
Senator Engler announced that photographers from KCTV-5, Jefferson City News Tribune, KRCG-TV,
KSHB NBC News, ABC 17 News, KOMU-TV and KMBC-TV were given permission to take pictures in
the Senate Chamber today.
The following Senators were present during the day’s proceedings:
Barnitz Bartle Bray Callahan Champion Clemens Crowell Cunningham
Days Dempsey Engler Goodman Green Griesheimer Justus Keaveny
Lager Lembke Mayer McKenna Pearce Purgason Ridgeway Rupp
Schaefer Schmitt Scott Shields Shoemyer Stouffer Vogel Wilson
Absent with leave—Senator Nodler—1

Nanach graffiti in Manhatten

Just found this: Click here.

Purim - Middle Day of 5771

That's right, there are 13 months to this Hebrew year consisting of 385 days, which means 55 exact weeks. Being that Adar II is the middle of the months, and bearing in mind that past Rosh Hashana began on Yom Chamishi, as it will also fall out on Yom Chamishi in this coming year, we take the middle week, and it is Yom Rishon which is the middle day. In short, it was Purim - 14 Adar - falling out on Yom Rishon, that earned the award of Middle Day of Year 5771.

Now, Purim during this year falling out on Yom Rishon began the week of Parshas Shemini. In the context of the Parsha, it was Yom Shemini from when the Cohanim began training to serve in the Mishkan, and this Yom Shemini was Rosh Chodesh Nissan - the birthdate of Rabbeinu (Note: Check out Likutei Moharan I:70 - Divrei HaMaschil "Vayehi BaYom HaShemini"). And Purim in turn is the Yom Shemini from 7 Adar - birthdate and Yahrzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu, which means that the future date of Purim was the day of Moshe Rabbeinu's Bris! And as the Vilna Gaon points out, Purim corresponds to the Sephira of Netzach. The word Netzach is the Gematria of Rabbeinu's name, and is the 4th and middle Sephira that corresponds to Moshe Rabbeinu, the 4th and middle of the Shiv'a HaRoim (Seven Shepherds), the Ushpizin that we invite to our Succos.

Speaking of Purim being the middle day of this year and the Ushpizin of Succos, the designated one of the Ushpizin on the 4th and middle day of Succos is Moshe Rabbeinu, and it is this day of Succos which is also the Yahrzeit of Rabbeinu Nachman. And in terms of Yom Shemini, the 4th day of Succos - 18 Tishrei - is the Yom Shemini from 11 Tishrei - Motzoei Yom Kippurim (Yom Kipurim is a Remez to Purim, "Day like Purim") - which based on Kabbala is called the day of Hashem's name. This of course leads us to note that Hashem spelled backwards spells Moshe, and of course, as we see in the Tikunei Zohar that the Shir Chadash is Hashem's name as Y YK YKV YKVK, the Shir Chadash that we sing is...Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman!

Happy Purim!

B"H New Music from Simcha Nanach

B"H on Purim I read how someone asked a Shadchun (matchmaker)about a certain boy, and the shadchun said good things, but he said that the boy didn't know how to sing, so he asks the shadchun, that's a problem? The shadchun replied, no, the problem is that he sings!

So B"H Rabbainu told us to sing even if we're not very good at it, and H"Y has blessed me with a new song:

Olam Chudush - A New World - Olam Shel Nanach - A world of Na Nach!

and another song B"H:
Attu Rotze Lirkode - You want to dance, Attu Rotze Lihiyot Sumaich - You want to be happy!
- Nanach will lift your spirits, Nanach will raise you to the sky!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

I heard that the levyatan supposed to be blue and yellow?

Does anyone know?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The power of twittering Na Nach even once

This guy twitted Na Nach once, and that's how I found him, and in honor of Purim you can enjoy some of his wise cracks

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Happy Purim

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman.

Esther was 75 years old at the time!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Endure it all and not to get discouraged

"DO not discourage your wife, endure everything and do not discourage. Our holy rabbi revealed a drop from the ocean, the goyim are getting hit, all the goyim are getting hit, maybe g-d forbid they would have killed all the Jews."

How do you understand these words of Saba?

Nanach Purim

Friday, March 18, 2011

a big poker game or a big game of chess? both!

Saba holds all the cards as the Na Nach's have found out little by little. The opponent is bent on making things look bad to confuse the non Na Nachs.

Like in the days of Avraham when the liers wanted to sacrifice their own children to Moloch to prove how strong their faith in this sheker was, knowing that Father Avraham would not call the bluff and loose all his followers.

Avraham who held all the cards and could go in and out of fire alive could also sacrifice his own son, since that was the only way to call the bluff.

The Bal Davar will have to show his empty hand in the end and we all know he can't do that... so hold on, the ride might get very tough.

As for the game of Check-mate. You know that the King is not really allowed to take out the other King, he leaves that up to his disciples. Don't expect Saba to fight this one for us, he can help, but we need to "achieve" (acheve (fr.)) the battle.

Nanach Purim

Parties on Purim

From what I hear there are three major Nanach parties this Purim up North - Tsfas and Meron.

1. Aron Zupnick n"y - Tsfas South
2. Uri - Meron
3. Eliyahu Shalom - Meron (opposite Uri), B"H the party there is starting now, because there is a chussun (groom - who is going to be married Monday B"H in Jerusalem) there. B"H that is probably going to be my main party.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Mordechai and Esther

B"H yesterday on Taanis Esther a bunch of Nanach were zoche to make it to the (disputed) tomb of Mordechai and Esther. Lazer G. Nanach took Chaim Walden, Yisroel Blumenthal, and myself, and other Nanach made it there(Shani, Avrohom Kashmacher and sons, and Yosef thr rappelling Nanach, and others. Also Tzvi Leven and Menachem Engel made it). It's really beautiful there, but my camera isn't so good so I didn't even bother taking pictures, except for the actual tomb.

Before we left, Lazer G. Nanach and myself created and produced an amazing song (the audio was very weak, and today H"Y opened gates for me and for the first time I was figured out how to fix the problem, YS"L).

Please bear with Lazer he has strong urges to scream, it gives him great satisfaction, may H"Y bless him.

Enjoy Nanach!

click here for the song:
Clap Your Hands, Stamp Your Feet, and Kill Amulaik!

Nanach Keeps the Faith

Sometimes we take NaNach for granted, not appreciating the faith and truth it gives us. The following is a recent conversation I had on Facebook that gave me new appreciation for Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.
The conversation has continued , and you can partake or just follow it at:

Simcha Nanach: when you have all the Jews praying for months to save some of their brothers from a nation (the Japanese who showed no sense or compassion imprisoning a few young boys on absurd charges that they were C"V drug running) it isn't surprising to see such calamity befall them.

what do you think that Jewish prayer goes unheeded C"V?!

imagine if everyone would have been saying Nanach!
Tuesday at 4:16am • • Like •
Bais Yaakov Girl i dont think we on this world can understand the reason why natural disasters on this world happen!
21 hours ago • Like
Simcha Nanach We might know for sure but we are obligated to consider this. See the Prophet Tzifania, 3rd chapter verses 6-7:
20 hours ago • Like
Simcha Nanach הכרתי גוים נשמו פנותם החרגבתי חוצותם מבלי עובר נצדו עריהם מבלי איש מאין יושב, אמרתי אך תיראי אותי תקחי מוסר ולא יכרת מעונה כל אשר פקדתי עליה וכו', ופרש"י זה לשונו הבאתי פורענות על האומות כדי שתראו ותיראו כמו שהוא מסיים והולך אמרתי אך תיראו, עכ"ל.
20 hours ago • Like
Simcha Nanach so even though in this case I was suggesting that the cause was not due to our wrongdoing, it is still the proper approach, to consider and ponder what it is that H"Y is doing, because H"Y wants us to live our lives as a conversation with Him, and everything He does is a communication with us.
20 hours ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur silliest thing i ever heard
6 hours ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur Simcha, you are claiming to understand based on pesukim....what a fool
6 hours ago • Like
Simcha Nanach So C"V you don't believe the Torah was given to us for us to learn and understand? The Prophet wasn't sent from H"Y to speak to us C"V? This is the difference between Nanach and the rest of the world, the Nanach see themselves having a real...
See More
56 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!
56 minutes ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur You and the Christians...both just "give up" because of guilt of taayva, which is clear from your statement.
Don't be so hard on yourself, you don't need to resort to a form of christianity because you feel guilty that you do aveiros and hav...
See More
52 minutes ago via • Like
Simcha Nanach first of all you should be careful how you speak, Rabbi Nachman warned not to even joke about heresy and idolatry (as the Sages learned from Yayhu who said, Lishaim Shumayim, that he would serve Baal, and in the end that caused him to sin), it is also forbidden to say names of heretics (see Tehilim 16, "ubal essu es shimoasam al sifusay", if you don't say NaNach, at least you should be saying Tikun Haklali, and you would of known that).
38 minutes ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur Simcha,
There are so many na nachs I know that are dysfunctional and issues etc.. If you asked me, I'd say no one here has been "saved" at all
33 minutes ago via • Like
Simcha Nanach now what you say about realizing how incapable we are but not to give up, that is hitting on an important point. One of the first steps in real avodas Hashem is understanding that we are incapable, and everything comes from H"Y, and to surr...
See More
33 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach you are judging people who have come from deep levels of tuma and personal tragedy and trauma, and have drawn close to the Tzadik and have slowly begun to fix up their lives.
31 minutes ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur I don't know a single living tzaadik who pushes na-nach
31 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach take yourself for example, if you would start B"H to say Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, how much you'd have to work to undo all the craziness the rabbis and society have impacted on you.
30 minutes ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur That's B.S.
I know lots of people who have gone through trauma, and have remained functional and normal people.
On the contrary, you should feel terrible taking people who need professional help, and instead, convince these weak people to be...
See More
30 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach the real tzadikim today are the Nanach
30 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach professional help? So you pur more belief in doctors - who the Sages told us, the best doctors are material for hell - more than in the highest Tzadik that H"Y sent to us to help us?!?!
28 minutes ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur I was walking in monsey and I heard noise in someones back yard. I went to the back, and there was a nanach with three girls smoking weed...major "tzaddik" eh?
28 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach again you are so quick to judge people!
28 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach do you know where that person would be if he wouldn't have Nanach?
27 minutes ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur Simcha,
When someone has the flu, he doesn't go to a tzaddik he goes to a doctor. The rambam writes that any other perspective is lutacris. Even the Ramban concedes that the avg person should go to the doctor. You're living in a world that ...
See More
26 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach there are Nanach that I know that it is forbidden for me to even talk about the utter horror of their childhood and early teens, which have left them addicted to terrible abuse and ignorant of even basic skills like how to read! Yet thanks to their honesty they have come to Rabbainu, and they have begun the process of fixing up their lives/
25 minutes ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur Ah, so you can bash people that sit and learn a whole day and are penniless and teach torah, but chas vshalom to pass judgement on a guy sitting with girls and doing drugs??? Don't you hear how contradictory you are??!! I love people like you, always bashing others but the second they bash ppl you like, you do the "don't be so judgmental" speech
25 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach the Talmud says that when one has someone sick in the house he should go to the Tzadik!!!!! Those that choose the doctor instead are really sick and a little unfaithful to the Torah C"V!!!!!
24 minutes ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur Let me rephrase your real theme:
Don't judge people that I like"
23 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach someone that sits and learns Torah, if after some time he doesn't come to the Emess, that there are real tzadikim in the world, this is a sign that he's not learning to find H"Y and the Emess, and then all his learning is Sam Hamuvess C"V.
23 minutes ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur The Rosh Yeshiva u can bad mouth and who knows what, but the sheiygitz who is mechaalel shabbos and is not shomer negiyah but he has a stupid Na Nach yarmulka, him "don't judge". You're a child
22 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach If not only they don't come to the Emess they keep other people away from the Emess, that is evil!
22 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach the simple person who is suffering and does aveiros, but he is honest to himself and to H"Y, and wants to right himself and do teshuva, but keeps falling into taivos, that is his nisayon in life, and we can only try to help him. But a rabbi, who claims to know the emess and is just lying to himself and to others, and misleading sometimes thousands of people, that is a terrible atrocity!
20 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach you should take time to ponder this conversation, and scream to H"Y that in the merit of Rabbainu, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, you should see the truth!
19 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach Rabbi Nachman taught that the truth is a powerful light, so that even a person who is in the utter depths of darkness, if he speaks to H"Y words of truth, that is words even from his darkness - but the truth of where he is, H"Y will Himself, illuminate a way for the person to ascend.
17 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach So ask H"Y truthfully what it is your leaders believe in and follow, and why they have led you to put your faith in doctors and the like, and reject being able to connect personally to the Tora and H"Y.
16 minutes ago • Like
Yeshiva Bachur Simcha,

So basically everyone who does real aveiros is good but the people learning are bad...blah blah're a new jesus...enjoy Dr J
15 minutes ago • Like
Simcha Nanach what you call people learning, I call philosophers, may H"Y save us from them! The Zohar refers to them as "shaiden yihudai" jewish demons!
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Simcha Nanach Do you believe in the Zohar?
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Yeshiva Bachur I think you even look like sing like him too...Jesus had an aweful voice
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Simcha Nanach The Zohar says that the exile of Egypt was the learning of the Talmud, think about it, what was Shevet Levi (the free tribe) about - singing to H"Y!
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Simcha Nanach but when you sing, being that you don't have a beard the Zohar considers you to be an aspect of a woman, that makes your singing, Kol Easha - which is Erva!
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Simcha Nanach Rabbi Nachman teaches that even if one has an awful voice and can't sing on tune, he should sing.
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Simcha Nanach but it seems that you are more interested in pundriks and fake rabbis.
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Simcha Nanach It's amazing that we are having this conversation now, Rabbi Nachman taught that now a days all beginnings start with Purim, so here's your chance, your new beginning to get out of the klipa and begin serving H"Y!
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Purim misconception spotted...

Esther's second day forms the third day of the holiday of Purim. This corresponds to the three days of fast. How can one EAT(fill his belly), while the spiritual life is being destroyed?

The third day of Purim, turns out just like the second day. The concept of a feast being greater then a fast is expressed by Rabbi Nachman who claims that proper eating on Shabbos is worth six days of weekday fasting. So much for explaining the value of the second day of feasting- but why is the third day different?

On the third day King (N)arach-ve-rosh (snake and head (N being "King") asked Esther to fly and ask for ANYTHING not just up to half the kingdome. It was HER CHOICE as SUPREME RULER that the third day would be like the second.

HOW DARE SHE? The supreme ruler, and she knew it all the time, was Mordecai.

The to be continued happened at the Purim fest of Nuremberg in 1945.

Will Am Israel become faithful to her husband this year on a permanent basis?
Shimshon's powers were in his hair, which can be cut and eyes can be pierced.
A kippa bearing Na Nach's powers can NEVER BE TAKEN AWAY because he is wholly attached to the True Tzaddik (his head) and no Amalekite can cut his faith from its head.

As a follower of Na Nach I propose to end this cycle and on the third day of Purim we place the Na Nach crown on all the Kings sons, so they be stronger then Shimson.

Another misconception spotted..

Pru ur vu, to reproduce. The first time G-d commands this, he commands it to the fish and the birds. The second time he commands it, he commands it to the sons of Noach- and immediatly after, Ham goes a bit "overbord" and is cursed by Noach.

Let's notice how the two commands differ.

The birds and the fish are given the waters and the skies, while man is given dry land. The difference is obvious isn't it?

Are there anything else but birds in the sky?
Are there anything else but fish in the sea?
Are there anything else but men on earth?

Yes, there happens to be other creatures then men on earth, they out number men greatly. This command is to take control of the earth, not just to spread geographically and cover space (like plants).

Man needs to do what the first man did in Gan Eden, he needs to administer the WHOLE garden. Pru ur vu for us means to "convert" the garden back to the will of G-d. This is why we need "kol BAIT Israel" instead of "kol Israel". Kol BAIT Israel includes the whole garden tended by a member of Israel. When the horses breed, this is pru ur vu for Israel and when students gather to learn Na Nach, this is also Pru Ur Vu.

When Ham goes in his fathers tent while he is drunk to contemplate his nakedness (physical actually) this has little to do with spiritual Pru Ur Vu. Rabbi Nachman in fact states that the breath of children that have not known sin, is inpired by the TENT of the Tzaddik. The tent, Bait, garden, all these are related. Avraham Avinu's TENT was in the middle of the desert, to emphasize the importance of spiritual learning or pru ur vu. The fact that he was willing to sacrifice Israac showed that no technical difficulty even existed there.

Prayer for Purim

Help me enter the Purim season and celebrate Purim with great joy. Let the holy radiance of Purim - the holiness of Mordechai and Esther - shine upon us and our children and all Bnei Yisrael. Let me fulfil all the mitzvot of Purim in holiness and purity,joyously and with all my heart. Put joy into my heart and let it spread to my hands and dance for joy in praise of Your Name.
Let me renew my commitment to fulfil all the teachings of Your Torah with love. Help me learn,teach,guard,observe and fulfil the Torah. Enlighten my eyes and grant that I should study and understand both the reveald and the mystical aspects of the Torah. Help me advance from level to level and grasp Your hidden secrets, so that I do not come before You with shame.
Reb Noson of Breslov
Likutey Tefilot CH.10

Spotted another current misconception...

Shomer MEOD et nafshecha... (guard well your life) this passage is commonly used to avoid "dangerous" situations. On Purim two friends killed one another and then they were brought back to life.. strange things happen to drunks... or do we have a lesson?

Nefesh is the physical body, while neshama is the spiritual "body" (the goof is a goof). When a person dies we say "ha goof le malach ve ha neshama shel lach". This indicates a seperation between the body and the spirit occuring at the moment of death... but maybe there is never a seperation.

MEOD is a name given by Saba to the "master of things". Shomer meod et nafshecha.. means to let the master of things guard that which is and will alwayse be his. Our bodies are not rented cars, they are TAXI CABS, we are not responsable for the driving or repairs, a Jewish man needs to sit in the back seat and concentrate on fulfilling his mission without taking too much responsability for the actions of his driver.

This explains why Tzaddikkim do dangerous things in their avodat hashem and why the evil slaughtering of innocent martyrs is often called "kiddush hashem" sanctifying G-ds name. If the body had any value at all, these murders would be a great desecration of the name of G-d.

The real world is ALL spiritual and all the reasons for NOT believing in NA NACH are material. A NA NACH is completely fearless when he sees a spiritual need to act to promote the Tzaddik and spread the truth. Even to bring a single Jew closer by a hairsbreath for a single moment, Saba calls witnesses, that he is ready to sacrifice EVERYTHING.

Drank some Dinosaur Blood today.

na na(t)ch naturally.

anoychi eldad hakhoykeyk!


Purim art


B"H Purim is right around the corner, take advantage of the index on the right side of the site, to see what has already been posted about Purim.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Majestic Faces

Likutei Halakhot: Hilkhot Purim
Halakha 1

The matter of Purim and kriat hamegilah/the megillah reading. According to what Rabeinu wrote in the essay "Uv'yom Habikurim" (LM #56); take a good look at the whole essay there.

1. And behold, the main strengthening of the malkhut harisha`ah/the Evil Malkhut who is Haman-Amalek, is when the malkhut di'kedushah/the Malkhut of Holiness is hidden, in the aspect of haster astir/I will doubly hide [Deut. 31:18] and u'le'um mi'le'um ye'ematz/one nation gets strong as the other [gets weak] [Gen. 25:23]. And therefore the malkhut of Achashverosh became strong via the blemish and error of eating, because since he caused them to derive benefit from the meal of that wicked man, thereby he became strong over them. Because via blemish of the eating comes hastarat panim/hiding of the [Divine] "face," in the aspect of vehistarti panai vehayah le'echol/I will hide my face, and they shall be for food, as our Rebbe said in another place (LM 47), because via blemish of eating, when it is not done properly, a person can fall God forbid from all the seventy faces of the Torah to the aspect of sleep, which is aspect of hastarat panim......
But in truth there was power in Mordechai to reveal the hidings (as Rabeinu wrote there), and he also had power to awaken and make them rise from the sleep and the fall from all the seventy faces from the blemished eating. Because Mordechai is aspect of rav chesed/merciful great one, aspect of hadrat panim/majestic faces, aspect of Atik Yomin, aspect of sipurei ma`asiyot shel shanim kadmoniyot/tales from ancient times, through which they can awaken from sleep of all the seventy faces. Because Mordechai is in gematria of rav chesed (as brought in that essay), and this is that which we found that Mordechai brought the whole root of that redemption via a tale -- aspect of vayaged Mordechai l'Ester hamalkhah/and Mordechai told to Ester, that he told her a story that happened. "L'Ester/to Ester" -- because she is aspect of the hastarah/hiding, aspect of sleep, in order to awaken from sleep and reveal the hiding thereby, as mentioned. And therefore...

Picture: Majestic faces of Na Nach in Tsfat overlooking Meron towards Rashbi

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Nanach - the Pillar of the World

There is so much chatter about trying to gain Israel the sympathy of the other countries, and so much effort and attention is focused on this. This is ridiculous.

Israel was upset that foreign media labeled the massacre in Itamar as the act of an intruder, rather than a cold blooded calculated terrorist attack. It is hard for a Jew to understand that most of the world doesn't value life the way we do. Television and the media are full of footage of graphic brutal murders, real and imaginary, shows like Criminal Minds and horror movies have made the average person familiar and accustomed to the idea and occurrence of ruthless hollow murder. So when the world is showed even the most grizzly pictures of what took place in Itamar, they are kind of bored, they think Israel is just experiencing what they have known their whole lives.

The world doesn't understand that in most haredi neighborhoods there is no police presence (except when the police are causing the problems and harassment), there is no need or desire for them. There are occasional thefts and cases of abuse and the like R"L, but they are kind of rare, and there is almost never any serious cases of violence C"V.

B"H for Nanach, the true way of expressing our values, the values of Rabbainu. Nanach is a demonstration of our inner values, without trying to show or prove anything to anyone, just to let the inner goodness of H"Y and His Tzadik come to the surface and shine upon the world.

The more we merit to spread the holy message of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman the more the world gains appreciation for what is good and what is holy, and the more they shun and demean immorality and evil. There is no other effective method to restore moral values and perspective, nor could there be a better, more efficient way!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Will the Japanese release the Jewish boys now?!

H"Y in his great mercy has held back on the Japanese two years as they hold captive innocent Jewish boys in terrible condition. Tens of thousands of Jews have cried out to H"Y many many prayers, day in day out, to have mercy on our brothers, to release them from their harsh captivity. G"f the prayers were not meaning to bring calamity on the Japanese, just to free our brothers. But it seems that after 2 years, H"Y in his great infinite mercy has decided that enough is enough. So we ask the Japanese, will you please release our brothers now, or C"V do you want to mess around some more?

Amazing how much simpler and happier everything would be if people would just be Nanach!

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

36 not 32

In the time of Na Nach... the Torah will no longer be considered to start where it is CUT after Devarim and starting with Bereshit. "le eyney kol Israel (cut) Bereshit bara elokim..." closest to the CUT are the letters L from Israel and B from Bereshit forming LB or Lev in Hebrew, heart (broken heart). The Torah has to deal with the lusts of the heart and how to dominate them or break them.

In the time of Na Nach... the Torah will end with Shemot "le eyney kol BEIT Israel (cut) Vayikra Elokim le Mohe lemor, daber..." Here we read LVav or 36, which is refering to the 36 saints which are the pillars of every generation - 36 Jewish and 36 Non-Jewish which for 72 the number of the San Hedrin (supreme council) which is a close number to 70 nations and 70 children of Jacob the man of truth. The Torah will deal with determining WHO is the head of the 72 sages!

Reshit Am Amalek... the first of Nations is Amalek while Bereshit starts with a big B you see that Vayikra ends with a little A and start with the word "and" signifying NOT being first.

The big middle finger all Americans know represents an Amalekite while the Pinky is the smallest most humble of the five fingers. The petek has two of the first five lines beginning with "meod" (very). they are the longest and the shortest. The first is the longest while the shortest is placed in the middle. THIS is a correction of nature similar to what the Torah of Moshe is doing by placing the true leader in the middle an the perverted dog first.


Precious in the Eyes of God

Recently we learned of Lindsay Lohan's interest in NaNach, so I was spreading some Na Nach messages around her circles, and I came across a video that had something to do with her falling (I didn't see the video, or very much of any of her B"H), and in the comments someone complained that how come he falls all the time and no one takes any interest, and when LiLo falls many hundreds of thousands of people are so fascinated?!

So let it be known that the reality is that the Holy Merciful One God immensely cherishes all our falls, small and big, ups and downs, and they are all on record and treasured!

Especially dear to the Holy Merciful One God is when we say, sing, dance, write, sign the holy song Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Nanach Rises Over Terrorism To Crown the Temple Mount

This video was made by our Nanach in N.C. and for some reason was taken off the youtube, something I just discovered today, so I did my best (kind of) to get it back up there.

Eat Like A Mentch and Then You Gotta Bentch

Real Hafatza - full value for your dollar!

As you know, B"H recently a few chaverim (Nanach friends) got to together and published (in Hebrew) "Stories and Parables" of Rabbainu. It is of medium size, soft cover but of the most durable binding, and sold for 6 shekel a copy (and often given for free). So far B"H we have already published and distributed 4,000 copies, and are in the process of making a new publication of 5,000 copies, of which many will be hard cover.

There has been another major publication from Nekuda Tova, who put out a whole selection of Breslov books (large, soft cover), each one has the Sipur Hiskarvus (story of how Saba got into Breslov). This Shabos by the Rashb"i I think I saw like 7 different books, and I don't know if I saw all of them. They include "Yimay Hatluu" - Rabbi Nussun account of what he and the Breslover Hasidiim had to endure from the misnagdim, and books on specific topics like happiness.

B"H this is a fulfillment of what Saba said that the people will choose, it's just us little regular guys pumping out Rabbainu into the world, to restore their hearts.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Lindsay Lohan Warning Not Tzeius!

A source close to the actress reveals:"

"She's been reciting an ancient Kabbalah saying - 'Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman' - and spreading the message to friends."

Sunday, March 13, 2011

B"H a new Nanach song

B"H today I was blessed with the production of a new Nanach song, inspired by Likutay Moharan Tora 62:

Eat Like a Mentch and Then You Gotta Bentch

The full lyrics are:

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

Eat like a mentch and then you gotta bentch.
Say your prayers, don't stuff your face.
Say the grace, be high on faith!

Pharaoh's men want to steal your power,
starve them and get stronger by the hour!
Know what to answer the heretic,
study the code of law and pray energetic.

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Well... maybe I am speaking to

but today is a new begining.
I think weve arrive to yetzirah... certainly feels that way...
chazak chazak venitchazek!

Simcha - Sprout are payos


This Nanach turned 17 years old today =]

Nanach to the rescue - of the entire world!

In former good times when the christians (hate using this filthy name, but I have to give them full credit here), muslims, and all their type, murdered Jews they had to do it up close, by hand, one by one. That made massacres of "mere" tens of thousands (as for example in Uman where Rabbainu is buried) in some ways much much more brutal than the millions butchered by the germans ym"s - although the truth is that they did plenty up close by hand as well. Killing someone from a distance with a gun for sure is very cold blooded, barbarous, brutal, callous, cruel, dispassionate, heartless, inhuman, merciless, pitiless, ruthless, savage etc., however it's not the same thing as actually sticking a knife into a person and cutting off the person's life. Even less so is murder by a bomb, where the murderer might not even have to witness in any form the fruit of his cruelty. If you take a look at a killer who can actually approach an infant and stab the child to death, this is obviously not a normal person who just hates Jews, this is a very sick individual who is obviously full of hate and has absolutely no appreciation or consideration for any life or goodness. When people cheer and celebrate such acts, they also show that they are unnaturally suffused with hate and kind of psycho.

Even before Rabbi Nachman forbade the hitting children, and "paches" (smacks) were not uncommon - which parent would hit a child in the head?! Where do you see grown adult constantly at each other's necks, even if it's just "play fighting"?! If you take a little stroll in the Arab market, it won't take long till you see this first hand. Nothing to do with Jews, just look how they treat one another (after they kiss each other of course etc. and sell their daughters to the highest bidder). If I'm not mistaken, there's an arab custom to fire a gun at a wedding, what a way to start a new family!!!

People frequently ask me how I get along with the arabs, especially since I used to live in the Arab quarter, and for the sake of peace I usually just say OK. But the truth is that the trauma the children in Itamar are experiencing now after seeing their parents and siblings have their throats cut, is a daily trauma experienced by the arab children who undergo the abuse of being brought up by parents steeped in perverted tendencies and character. Much worse than the atrocity of their terrorism, is the nightmare of their own conduct, how they breed their own "civilization".

It's not C"V out of hatred that I write this, rather to give a correct angle to the problem at hand. If we want to bring peace, instead of spending so much money on politics, fences, or anything else, the money should be spent getting counseling for the arabs, to help them cope with poor social values that are ingrained in them, for quite some time. Instead of funding education teaching them how to excel say in physics (just what the world needs...), let's get them the help they need, to show them how normal families and communities exist happily, without hitting, hate, screaming, adultery....

Thank God in our times, with the spreading of internet and social networks, and with the spreading of programs like alcoholics anonymous, people are beginning to learn to extract the hurt from inside and seek help with others. True the arabs aren't so quick to catch on, but B"H we do see that it has reached them and they have started to respond. Never give up.

So as you see, ultimately the fault or responsibility is ours. The Nanach have to show the world how good it is to be happy and believing, simple and honest, compassionate and caring, and helpful and active.

7 Adar

For 7 Adar
The Hilula of Moshe Rabbeinu A"H
Likutei Tefilot II:8

Like a shofar I shall raise my voice, Master of the World, Singular Lord, Ruler of All -- have mercy and be gracious unto me in Your great compassion, and send us a good and fit and proper mokhiach/Rebuker/Inspirer/Strengthener, a true Rebuker who will be fit to rebuke Your people Israel in truth.

And protect us and save us in Your great compassion, from rebukers who are not fit and proper to rebuke Your people Israel.

For as you Know, not every man is fit to rebuke, for the rebukers who are not fit and proper, can God forbid weaken our souls through their rebuke which is not proper.

Therefore we have come before You O Hashem our God and God of our fathers, Lover of His People Israel -- have compassion on us for Your name's sake, and send us a proper Rav and Rebuker who will be fit to rebuke us in revealed rebuke from hidden love.

Fit me with a merciful Tzaddik and let him rebuke me with his good rebuke, with the rebuke of Moshe Rabbeinu, Peace be upon him, through whose good rebuke he adds and gives a good smell to our souls, and let him strengthen and encourage our souls through his good rebuke.

And let our souls be strong and courageous and mighty in great power of holiness, until a good profusion and blessing shall flow to all the worlds dependent on our souls, such that we merit through the proper Rebuker to come back in complete return before You in truth from love, until all our transgressions be reversed to merits.

And bestow upon the true Rebuker the voice of Moshe which is the Voice that will be awakened in the future, which is the Simple-Double-Triple-Quadruple Song [Tik. Zohar #21, daf 51b], made up of Your great and holy name which is the song of mercy that shall be played in the future on the 72 strings when the time comes in the future for the Tzaddikim to receive their reward.

Happy is the ear that shall merit to hear the voice of this Song!

Have compassion on us in Your great compassion, and give us such a Rebuker who will be able to rebuke us with the Voice of this Song.

And let the scripture be fulfilled in the true Rebuker which says, "Call out with the throat, do not hold back; raise your voice like a shofar." [Isa. 58:1]

And let us merit that the voice that waters the Garden of Eden should be revealed and drawn on us, which is the "river that went out from Eden to water the Garden," [Gen. 2] which is the Voice of this holy Song that shall be awoken in the future at the time that You renew Your world in Your good mercy, as is written, "A world shall be built up of benevolence" [Ps. 89:3] -- through which Voice all the good smells and all the holy awes grow.

And draw upon us complete awe, upper awe, awe of the loftiness, fear and fright, and let me creep and tremble before You always.

And let me merit to feel Your holy awe on me always, in all my 248 members and my 365 sinews, and let Your awe be on my insides/face that I should not miss the mark, and grant me true humility, until I merit to be included in You in truth..............


If you go on youtube on the home page they show all these videos who have millions of views its a good thing for all those who have youtube accounts to post NNNNM on those videos in the comments and if you can post a Nanach video on them in the video response as well.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Recently while spending some time in a public rest room, I saw some banter on the wall warning that cell phone transmission causes sickness C"V. This got me thinking about how thankful we must be for Na Nach, which painted, sprayed, stuck, written, and blasted on the walls cleanses the air of all types of pollutants that we might not even have any idea of their existence. B"H we don't have to worry about pollution and cell phone transmission or any other phobias and manias, we are safe and secure with Rabbainu! Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

(see also Tehilim (Psalms) 46 - that we don't have to worry about all types of calamities. However when they are visited on the nations, they are signs for us to repent and strengthen our Nanach hafatza). 

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Freedom starts with Nanach

Everything has their own roots. The Talmud teaches that, you don't have a free person except one who studies the Tora, which today we understand as being Nanach (the only true way of the Torah). Thus the more Nanach catches on, the more we will see people all over the world starting to fight for their freedom.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Recent Itamar Murders

Most of you have probably seen on the news that our arab cousins have continued the quest for murder, stabbing 3 children and their parents to death. What you may not know is that Itamar includes a Breslov yeshiva and has Breslov families living there. There attitude towards Nanach is something I'm not sure about, because we have one friend there who's forsure Nanach friendly (KR), and I have spent one Shabos there and I recall seeing some Nanach vehicles, but I have also heard from some Nanach's that had considered moving there, that it wasn't an option.

May H"Y avenge their blood with exponential Nanach revelation all over the world.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


Famous actress/singer is getting into Nanach

Just found this article on the web:

Is LiLo Dabbling In Kabbalah?

Now that Lindsay Lohan is attempting to reform her former hard-pAArtying behavior, she's reportedly trading in her cocaine and sticky fingers for a red string bracelet and the mystical Jewish discipline Kabbalah!

A source close to the actress reveals:"

"She's been reciting an ancient Kabbalah saying - 'Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman' - and spreading the message to friends."

We're actually pleased to see that she's exploring herself and her spirituality!

She may have a lot of time soon to reflect upon her life, and a sense of faith may be very helpful to her right now!

After posting this I tried googling the part about Nanach and I got close to 200 results - alot of people are writing up about it.

Here's another quote:
Lindsay Lohan has reportedly become interested in the mystical Jewish discipline known as Kabbalah.

A source close to the actress told Life & Style that she has sought solace in Kabbalah and has begun to recite a phrase most commonly associated with a breakaway Hasidic group called the Na Nachs.

Check out this quote - the author obviously was drawing from the terrible wiki article on Nanach, and further misconstrued it:
"She's been reciting an ancient kabbalah saying -- Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman -- and spreading the message to friends," an insider tells Life & Style. The saying is a Hebrew-language mantra used by a spin-off group of the Na Nachs.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Saturday night - Sunday Hilula of Moshe Rabbainu!

7th of Adar.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachmu Nachman Meuman!


B"H New Gevald Nanach Song

H"Y has done great kindness with me today and blessed me with this new Nanach song that makes it hard for me not to get up and dance Nanach (truth is that trying to follow Rabbi Nussun's lead I am always just looking for an excuse to get up and dance):

enjoy Nanach!

click on the song: I Says I Was A Nanach - Rabbainu Freed Me!

Nanach graffiti

Hafatza in Italy

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nanach Beanie verses the Hamantash

The Tora says, "Raishis guyim Amulaik" - amulaik is the head of the nations, and on Purim, which Rabbainu taught in Likutay Moharan is now where everything begins (head), we give particular attention to Haman's triangular hat, and many people worldwide, young and old, begin to wear the designer Nanach beanie. B"H it is possible to achieve an even further rectification with the Nanach beanie over the triangular form:

ReEdited Nanach invasion #2

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Na Nach on OyVaGoy

 Another post about Nanach on OyVaGoy

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Vort Over Seudas Roysh Choydesh  

"EmunaH zeh KOhL H(a)Adam!"

Without H (emunaH, Hashem) we are just plain Adam, not THE Adam, Not Adam with a H added to his name like "AvraHam."
האדם = Ruler of Angles.
THE ADAM = Master of Angles, what we were really created for, to rule (ratzon, netzach) over them (ourselves, our habbits-Angels[it is mashpiah outside: the world = mirror]) to do ratzoHn Hashem, but this is done to the degree that one is tamim before Their Omnipresent Creator... whom they are ALWAYS in front of (always AWARE of being in front of.)

Contemplate this chart or a few seconds,
remembering the H, ה associations.

A - Adam
D - David
M - MosheH >>>>>>> Moshiach

When I do what I am supposed to do MYself as part of MY chelek in tiikun Olam (Taking Personal Responsibility, true spiritual maturity, human evolution), I am called H'Adam-THE MAN (it would be zero ga'avah for someone on the level to say such about themselves.) Later on we see a connection between ~המן~ haMan.. the Man..."Haman H'Rasha!"

Because we are all supposed to understand and live the verse "the WHOLE world was created for me", the previous sentence (I do only MY job [also implies not looking at others, "Avraham Haya Yachid"]) should be read and applied personally. When we do what we were created for, we are a chelek of H'ADAM. It is a choice we make moment to moment, to be a ruler of ourselves (tamim, bittul to Hashem) or a slave to ourselves (khochmot in the sechel, lusts in the heart).

When we are H'ADAM then Moshe can enter our world with HASHEM as the force to Moshe's form, as H'Moshiach. No shortcuts, sorry.

.... but... !

!משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה
before the affliction (kilkul simcha) is created the cure. Simcha. Venahafokhu.

[בסיעתא דשמיא] Ha KOL Talu Al Rutzoyynnn

719 = [/[rebbi(+1)] = (force)/ + \(form) = [natan(+1)]\] = ישראל לנצח
Yisrael (Form, Hod) Lanetzach (Force, Netzach) = 719

...Pausing for some filler
The Rebbe came into the world ONLY to teach Rebbi Natan.
The Ari'zl came into the world ONLY to teach r' Chaim Vital.
Yom Hazikaron - Rosh Hashana - The Bechina of Mordechai's Call for 3 Days of Teshuva.
Three Days of Fasting = 40 Fasts = 40 Years of walking with Moshe in the desert to Eretz Y'.

(719) - אמן) (91) - (354)יום הזיכרון, [adnut + havaya] [Shem H' vanished from purim story]) = Mordechai (274).

רצון = 346 = מקור

a 346 (ratzon / force) - 274 (mordechai / form) = 72, the letter count in the Name Moshe used to destroy an Evil Egyptian oppressing a Jew, though this was a shortcut, and as we know... shortcuts are illusions, the real work-effort has to be done too, in some form or eventual time... such as - NOW!

72 = מכה בגב
גב = 32
32 = כבוד = לב

We know that when a person is embarassed, his pride-"Kavod" is broken, this is known in the Talmud to be an aspect of death, a huge atonement for sins which can only be atoned for through death.

5 = ג+ב = ה

.destroying the final H of a person from Y-H-W-H, to destroy his malchus, is to destroy his soul emanation in malchus, Asiyah, and can even destroy the body entirely, talui al ratzoyn. A hit in the back (72 = מכה בגב) right behind the heart (גב = 32 = לב) .. enough of a shock of embarassment or/and physical pressure (its about gettin the sum total of the physical pressure into one's ratzon) and well.. cardiac arrest.

In destroying the ה (malchus, final H of Havayah) in Haman, reversing the process of Adding a H to a name (like from avram to avraHam), we are left with מן, the falling MaHn. Haman is also lashon kavod, THE (HA) -Man. Haman thinks he is THE man, all the false pride which belongs to hashem... we then take away the "ה", the "The" from the beginning of his name, and he is left being just man, weak, powerless, entirely hang-able from a nice tall ashura tree for all to see.

Haman = 95, - 5 [hהh] = 90 = מים: 'The wicked witch' ('Wizard of OZ' [subtle "AZ yashir Moshe" reference]) has melted like water מים into the sand of the desert (like Moshe's Slain Mitzri) which we are still circling, waiting to enter the promised land with Moshe, our Beloved Rebbe! We are his generation, HE is our REBBE! and WE are not entering without him!!! The wonders in Az Yashir... Mayim.. Sham Mayim... Yam... Moshe MSH is the same letters as Hashem HSM... The living manifestation of Hashem's will in a physical body? Moshiach? Moshe Moshiach? The Rebbe's Fire (petek reference) will continue to BURN and BURN and BURN at us until it forces Moshiach completely out of us and into the world. As the Rebbe Says Moshiach cannot come until arrogance (levush of Hashem) has left the world (restored to its proper place). We only get burned or embarassed when we have pride to lose in the first place! We have no place with pride... it belongs to Hashem. OZ vehadar levusha AZ yashir Moshe w'Benei Yisrael!

With Every Bizayon, another chelek of levushaH (Hashem) is removed from us and restored to its rightful bearer, Hashem, Goaleinu. and allows room for Moshiach to enter our malchus.

There is nothing like bizayon lishmaH. Who cares what it atones for regarding your cheshbon! You are Dust! Stop looking around (past, present, future) and just get to work! The sooner we are free, the sooner we are all free! This is not about you or me, we are ALL in this together. There is only achdut, so stop with the un-necessary pirudim, chokhmot, and taavot! Clap! Teshuva, Simcha, Open The Heart, Accept Everything Lovingly, Do what you can with what you have, Be happy with what you have, your lot in life and eternal life! Simcha!

!משנכנס אדר מרבים בשמחה
Also read the M in Mishenichnas as: HE who ushers in Adar...
So be the one to usher it in!

The degree that one leads and rules himself,
is the degree to which he leads others, by choice or not.
How effectively a person channels and galvanizes Ratzon,
is dependent on how EMET he is, Emet between his heart and his mind.
Hitbodedut unlocks the heart from the ckokmot prison of the mind, and then
when a person goes back and continues sekhel life with hitbodedut-acquired-emuna-lev,
he then connects the two properly and lives an Emet life, a blessed life,
a full life, a life filled with Hashem, filled with his own heart/neshama,
a life he desires in his Heart (not just mind) to live, a life worth living.

נ נח נחמ נחמן = יסוד רוחני = יום הזיכרון = מלמד כי קיימים = 354

Get HOOKED on Nanach!

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Likutay Nanach

B"H now available on the info site:, is the latest edition of my Hebrew pamphlet Likutay Nanach which discusses many facets of Nanach and general conduct of Nanach life, how it is and how it is meant to be.

The pamphlet is about 110 large pages, consisting also of a great collection of gematrios, acronyms, allusion, and the like where Nanach can be found in the Torah.

There have been requests to translate it into English, but I'm not up to it, if anyone would like to do it, please do so.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

I Am A Fisherman For Rabbi Nachman

A while ago B"H I made this song, just me singing:, today I was zoche to make some music for it.

Here's the link:

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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New Set of Banners for

Use these banners to link to and help spread Rebbe Nachman's Sefarim

Some of many Nanach automobiles

Women Shouldn't Say Tikun Chatzos

It may be a good idea for women to start the day at Chatzos - Midnight, but in my humble opinion they shouldn't say the Tikun Chatzos. This is the ruling of the Ben Eesh Chay (Parshas VaYishlach) who consulted with another leading Posek of his time R' Eliyahu who confirmed his Psak saying that it was completely unheard of for women to say Tikun Chatzos. However the Caf Hachaim argues with them saying that just because they never heard of it, it doesn't mean that it never was done or could be done (this seems to my humble opinion very tenuous because the BE"C and R' Eliyahu weren't simply saying that they never saw it, they were saying that even in circumstances that it could have and would have been done, it wasn't). Further, the Caf Hachaim brings a few instances that the Feminine Divine Partzufim of Malchus are saying and singing at midnight so he feels that this is proof that women can also say the Tikun (this is what one of the commenters on was thinking about when he wrote that the Arizal in Shaar Hakavanos says that women can say TC, because to the best of my knowledge and all the Poskim I checked (and the actual Shaar Hakavanos) the Arizal never said such a thing, and on the contrary BE"C who was very familiar with all the writings of the Arizal, says clearly that they shouldn't, so the commenter must have been referring to the feelings of the Caf Hachaim), in the light of the ruling of the Ben Eesh Chai, the inferences of the Caf Hachaim do not seem to me to carry any weight (because obviously the BE"C knew that women wouldn't be able to be a merkava for this, and on the contrary it is the man who is the merkava for the Malchus here), and especially since in the book H"O by one of the leading MSS of our generation who tells people not to go to Rabbainu C"V there is the decision that women could say the TC, without any further consideration of the issue, it seems clear to me that it's better for women not to say it. However I do not see any grave danger in women saying it, so if for some reason a woman is so set out on doing it, it's not the end of the world.

The most important thing is to say, and to sing and dance, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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Noelle (S) has donated another $18 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.


Michael (W) has donated another $36 for the spread of nanach.

Others should follow this example as well.


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Simcha - Rabbainu musicvideo

This is for Chetzi- why the Torah is only for Na Nachs

Dear Chetzi,

Answering your comment....

Moshe Rabenu in 32/32 Names (Exodus for Egyptians) says clearly "and you if your raise their signature and if not, please erase me from your book" It starts out Im Tissa (if you raise) and the parasha starts out Ki Tissa (because you raise). So the "tikkun" (reperation) of the sin of the Golden Calf and the completion of the Mishkan (holy of holies) depends on raising the SIGNATURE which exiasts only on Rabbi Nachman's letter from heaven.

Without Na Nach being revealed, Moshe rabbenu rejects any responsability for authoring the Torah.

The proof:


(back then- he will sing - Moshe) Back then he revealed he WOULD sing IF (IM) BECAUSE (KI).

You Na Nachs are doing exactly what G-d and Moses wants when you spread the name Na Nach it's as simple as that!

No need to worry about anything but that-- don't look up at ANYONE who doesn't understand this, they cannot advise you on the direction you need to take in life, they will only distract you from the right cause, which you have already discovered. This can only be compared to being distracted during prayer. SAYING NA NACH IIISSS prayer! SPREADING NANACH is PRAYER, dancing NA NACH is BETTER THEN PRAYER!


Prayer to Bring Kever of Rebbe Nachman to Israel

Sharone Tel-Tsur
World Committee to Bring Rebbe Nachman to Jerusalem

is organizing a prayer at the Kotel

Yom Rishon 4 PM Eruv Rosh Chodesh Adar II

Please pass on the word

Lets bring the bones of the Tzaddik HaEmet home
and start the Geulah!!!

Nanach Yeshivas

Someone asked me how come we don't see more NaNach in the yeshivas, and what alternatives do the NaNach have to Yeshiva?

Most Yeshivas are for an age that is not yet strong enough to have the strength of character and personality to be able to be independent, there are exceptions but they are few, but B"H the more NaNach is growing and the light of Rabbainu is intensified, it is happening much more. It is very hard to be able to lead a Nanach lifestyle in a Yeshiva, aside from the peer pressure etc., there is also having to go to sleep early to wake up for chatzos, and how can a Nanach waste (this is the Ramchal's language, see letter 88 and 89) his day learning hours and hours of Talmud? In the last few years there are small Breslov yeshivas that support getting up Chatzos and learning and doing Rabbainu, and some of them are really Nanach friendly. These are kind of off the map yeshivas, but I think recently they are growing stronger. Saba said that there will be Yeshivas that learn the holy books of Rabbainu all day!

Any Nanach that has the guts to stand up for his principals, can easily get along, we have plenty of Nanach that offer hospitality, and there is free food. At Rabbi Shimon and other holy places, one can almost always meet other Nanach and have good friendships. And of course one can always join a Nanach van.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Shkoyach - Thank You So Much - Reb NaNach!

Some of you might remember this was the song I composed at the entrance to Tsfas, a minute and a half the video camera catches a nearly deadly accident, so here's the song again B"H this time with full music provided by Lazar Storch (available for your Simchas or if you want to make a kumzitz or something).

Midnight - Chatzos

It should be very well known that Rabbainu said that the main job of a Jew is to get up and start his day at midnight (there were Breslov women who also did this, for example the wife of Shmuel Horowitz, but I don't know if it was expected from them. Women are not supposed to say "Tikun Chatzos", but I'm not sure why, and I'm not even sure if that is a binding halacha, I just saw it brought down somewhere), midnight being 6 hours (regular 60 minute hours) after nightfall, and in the summer, in some places in the world where the night is shorter than 6 hours, one is supposed to get up and begin the day before dawn.

Rabbainu made it clear that his main intent in revealing his teachings was that everyone should actually fulfill, enact, do, practice, and carry out the ideas of the lessons. Even still everything Rabbainu said has infinite levels of understanding that should be studied and contemplated. Often one can discover deeper meanings and merit to fulfill even those sublime nuances in a practical manner.

One of the things getting up for Chatzos signifies is the breaking of the darkest times, for midnight is the darkest hour, the peek of the night, bringing in light and ushering transformation to goodness and Godliness. Getting up for chatzos is a daily requirement, but this is something that we must do throughout our lives. When things seem to have reached complete darkness, an abyss of despair, we must wake ourselves up for chatzos, to split and break apart the gloom, and shine in new light of renewal and hope.

There are times in life, and even on a global historical level - times in the world, which don't have a chatzos, they are like the short nights of the summer, just severe blackness augmented by the great light that proceeded and is anticipated. Take for example the Holocaust which was "only" for 6 years, even taking into account another 30 years of the hard times the world suffered then, this is a relatively small amount of time in history, and not even half of a person's life span. In such times the main job is to make sure to be awake and alert to watch the darkness dissipate and be ready to begin something radicly new and exciting.

Adventures of YY Nanach

B"H a while ago I took this video of YY Nanach recounting one of his adventures, but I was only zoche to put it up online yesterday, and then immediately afterwards I was zoche to bump into YY Nanach, who proceeded to tell me more of his latest adventures, you wish I would tell them to you, but they are somewhat classified because B"H YY Nanach has just broken away from the MSS and the institution that he was entrapped in. May H"Y bless him and protect him and be with him in all his future adventures, amen!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nanach lineage and destiny

a few months ago I posted some footage of a Nanach bris mila and pidyon habain, recently I learned that the father had been a prized student, considered an iluy - prodigy - at the most central mizrachi yeshiva Har Hamor, he was wed to the Rosh Yeshiva's (dean's) granddaughter, and shortly thereafter became hard-core Nanach, B"H. This was with great sacrifice, for he was no longer able to continue being at the yeshiva and instead has found menial janitorial work in another yeshiva, just to stay loyal to the truth of Nanach! May H"Y bless him and all of the Nanach!


if anyone got an e-mail from me (Yishai Romanoff) saying that I'm in england
and asking for money, please ignore it.
it's spam and its not me.

Wish for the best in yourself and others

Don't remember the exact language, but Rabbainu said that it's a very high level, and a very good sign, if a person rejoices in seeing other people succeeding and rising in their service of God and the ways of holiness, even though the person himself is in a deep rut.

Likewise, even if a person is C"V suffering great descent in his holiness, he should keep wishing to see true holiness, and should keep praying for this. Even if a person has fallen very low he should not C"V speak of his sins and lowliness to other people, just to the Holy Merciful One God and His true tzadikim. This is what King David said in Psalms, one of the ten of the Tikun Klali, "ashrei ... Kissuy chattuh", fortunate is he who conceals his sins (Talmud Tractate Yuma page 86: discusses when and which sins should be revealed). A person should only verbalize holy desires, this creates holy souls, and C"V a person should never verbalize bad thoughts or longings for physical trappings of this world.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

Amazing source and reason for the Nanach beanie

This was written more at length in the Hebrew

The Zohar - Book of Splendor - in Parshas VaYakhel, says that if a person would have any idea of how treasured the Ketoress (incense offering) to the Holy Merciful One God, he would take every word and raise it as a crown for his head, like a golden crown (like Saba said, we should make the Petek out of gold, but we don't need to, because it itself is like gold).

So Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, which is the root of all the Tora, the root of all holiness, should certainly be as a crown on our heads.

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Moshe Matisyahu Getting Married B"H!

B"H rumor has it, that on the 7th of Adar, Moshe Matisyahu will be getting married in Moscow - Bishu-a Tova Umutzlachas. Everyone, I'm sure, are encouraged to attend.

[some of you might remember MM as the guy the Ukrainians stabbed in the tuchas, and later in the heart - which he miraculously survived. MM, may H"Y help him more, is reportedly capable of sleeping in the overhead rack of buses, and one of his amazing feats is when the Israeli border officers were giving him a hard time, he ran back to the Egyptian side, the guards sounded the alarm and set off the electric gate to seal the border, but MM beat it, diving through to safety. There are many many more stories and legends...]

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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LM 54 (Intro)

[ בָּרֲכִי נַפְשִׁי אֶת ה' ה' אֱלקַי גָּדַלְתָּ מְּאֹד הוֹד וְהָדָר לָבָשְׁתָּ.עֹטֶה-אוֹר, כַּשַּׂלְמָה; נוֹטֶה שָׁמַיִם, כַּיְרִיעָה [Ps. 104] ]

1. We just need to guard the memory, to not fall into forgetfulness, [which is] like death of the heart. And the main thing for memory is to always remember Alma di'Atei (the Coming World), that one should never think in his mind, God forbid, that there is only one world. And by clinging his mind to Alma di'Atei, through this the unity of Hashem Elohai mentioned will be made. [Because Hashem Elohim is aspect of the full name, which is aspect of Alma di'Atei as brought [in the sefarim], and so [Rashbi] explains in Saba on this pasuk "Hashem Elohai" --- this is the service of love, the thought rising up to Alma di'Atei].

א. כִּי צְרִיכִין לִשְׁמר מְאד אֶת הַזִּכָּרוֹן, שֶׁלּא יִפּל לְשִׁכְחָה, בְּחִינַת מִיתַת הַלֵּב וְעִקַּר הַזִּכָּרוֹן הוּא לִזְכּר תָּמִיד בְּעָלְמָא דְּאָתֵי שֶׁלּא יִהְיֶה בְּדַעְתּוֹ, חַס וְשָׁלוֹם, שֶׁאֵין עוֹלָם אֶלָּא אֶחָד וְעַל יְדֵי מַה שֶּׁמְּדַבֵּק מַחֲשַׁבְתּוֹ בְּעָלְמָא דְּאָתֵי עַל יְדֵי זֶה נַעֲשֶׂה יִחוּד ה' אֱלקַי הַנַּ"ל. [כִּי ה' אֱלהִים הוּא בְּחִינַת שֵׁם מָלֵא, שֶׁהוּא בְּחִינַת עָלְמָא דְּאָתֵי כַּמּוּבָא וְכֵן מְבאָר בְּסָבָא עַל פָּסוּק זֶה ה' אֱלקַי דָּא שֵׁרוּתָא דִּמְהֵמְנוּתָא, סְלִיקוּ דְּמַחֲשָׁבָה דְּעָלְמָא דְּאָתֵי]

2. And this aspect, to always remember Olam Haba, i.e. to cling one's thought to Alma di'Atei, has a general way and a particular way. The general way is as it is proper for it to be the conduct of those who fear Hashem immediately when waking in the morning, before doing anything, to recall right away Alma di'Atei, and afterwards to do this in particular, because this whole world is clothing of lower levels of holiness, i.e. aspect of raglin shel kedushah ["legs" of holiness], in the way of "and the earth is my footstool," even though the upper levels of holiness also have revelation in this world, however the revelation does not get clothed substantially in this world, except for an appearance that shines in the aspect of raglin, but the aspect of raglin reveal themselves in the core of this world and every day has a thought and speech and action and Hakadosh Barukh Hu constricts his Godliness from the Ein Sof infinitely down until the central point of this physical world where a person stands, and arranges for each person thought speech and action according to the day and according to the person and according to the place, and clothes clues for him in this thought speech and action which he arranges for him, in order to draw him closer to His devotin. Therefore one must sink his mind into this and enlarge his binah/understanding and understand what are the specific clues that are clothed in this thought speech and action of this day that Hashem Yitbarakh arranged for him, whether it is work or trade or whatever Hashem Yitbarakh arranges for him every day, he needs to sink and enlarge his thoughts in this in order to understand Hashem Yitbarakh's clues.

ב. וּבְחִינָה זוֹ, לִזְכּר תָּמִיד בָּעוֹלָם הַבָּא דְּהַיְנוּ לְאַדְבָּקָא מַחֲשַׁבְתֵּהּ בְּעָלְמָא דְּאָתֵי הוּא בִּכְלָלִיּוּת וּבִפְרָטִיּוּת בִּכְלָלִיּוּת כָּך רָאוּי לִהְיוֹת מִנְהַג יִרְאֵי הַשֵּׁם תֵּכֶף בַּבּקֶר בַּהֲקִיצוֹ, קדֶם שֶׁיַּתְחִיל שׁוּם דָּבָר, יִזְכּר מִיָּד בְּעָלְמָא דְּאָתֵי וְאַחַר כָּך יַעֲשֶׂה זאת בִּפְרָטִיּוּת כִּי כָּל הָעוֹלָם הַזֶּה הוּא הִתְלַבְּשׁוּת מַדְרֵגוֹת הַתַּחְתּוֹנוֹת שֶׁל הַקְּדֻשָּׁה הַיְנוּ בְּחִינַת רַגְלִין שֶׁל הַקְּדֻשָּׁה, בִּבְחִינַת "וְהָאָרֶץ הֲדם רַגְלָי" אַף שֶׁגַּם מַדְרֵגוֹת הָעֶלְיוֹנוֹת שֶׁל הַקְּדֻשָּׁה יֵשׁ מֵהֶם גַּם כֵּן הִתְגַּלּוּת בָּעוֹלָם הַזֶּה אַך שֶׁאֵין הַהִתְגַּלּוּת מִתְלַבֵּשׁ בְּעֶצֶם בְּזֶה הָעוֹלָם כִּי אִם הֶאָרָה שֶׁמֵּאִיר בִּבְחִינַת רַגְלִין אֲבָל בְּחִינַת רַגְלִין, מִתְגַּלִּין בְּעֶצֶם בְּזֶה הָעוֹלָם וְכָל יוֹם יֵשׁ בּוֹ מַחֲשָׁבָה דִּבּוּר וּמַעֲשֶׂה וְהַקָּדוֹשׁ בָּרוּך הוּא מְצַמְצֵם אֱלקוּתוֹ מֵאֵין סוֹף עַד אֵין תַּכְלִית עַד נְקֻדַּת הַמֶּרְכָּז שֶׁל עוֹלָם הַגַּשְׁמִי שֶׁעוֹמֵד עָלָיו וּמַזְמִין לוֹ לְכָל אָדָם מַחֲשָׁבָה דִּבּוּר וּמַעֲשֶׂה לְפִי הַיּוֹם וּלְפִי הָאָדָם וּלְפִי הַמָּקוֹם וּמַלְבִּישׁ לוֹ בְּזאת הַמַּחֲשָׁבָה דִּבּוּר וּמַעֲשֶׂה שֶׁמַּזְמִין לוֹ רְמָזִים כְּדֵי לְקָרְבוֹ לַעֲבוֹדָתוֹ בְּכֵן צָרִיך לְהַעֲמִיק מַחֲשַׁבְתּוֹ בָּזֶה וּלְהַגְדִּיל בִּינָתוֹ וּלְהָבִין מַהוּ הָרְמִיזוֹת בִּפְרָטִיּוּת שֶׁמְּלֻבָּשׁ בְּזאת הַמַּחֲשָׁבָה דִּבּוּר וּמַעֲשֶׂה שֶׁל זֶה הַיּוֹם שֶׁהִזְמִין לוֹ הַשֵּׁם יִתְבָּרַך הֵן מְלָאכָה אוֹ מַשָּׂא וּמַתָּן וְכָל מַה שֶּׁמַּזְמִין לוֹ הַשֵּׁם יִתְבָּרַך בְּכָל יוֹם צָרִיך לְהַעֲמִיק וּלְהַגְדִּיל מַחֲשַׁבְתּוֹ בָּזֶה כְּדֵי לְהָבִין רְמִיזוֹתָיו שֶׁל הַשֵּׁם יִתְבָּרַך.

But the enlargement of the sekhel/intellect in this, needs to be in measure, so that it not go out from the bounds of holiness. Only as far as his mortal intellect should he enlarge his thoughts in this. And likewise he should not stare in this above his level, for "bamufle mimekh al tidrosh/ do not delve [too] deep into what's wonderfully far above you." And this is "gadalta m'od, hod v'hadar lavashta/ You have become exceedingly great, You enclothed in glory and exquisiteness" -- which are aspect of raglin which are clothes in this world, should be in the aspect of "gadalta meod" i.e. englargement of the intellect, should be in measure and constriction, which is "me'od", which is the sitra di'smola/left side which is where constriction comes from [as written in Saba there: me'od, da hu sitra dismola] pBecause the raglin are aspect of netzach and hod, which are aspect of ""hod v'hadar,"", and as written in Saba as mentioned "hod v'hadar lavashta ilein trei badei `aravot etc./ these are the two willow sticks," see there, which are aspect of netzach v'hod aspect of raglin as is known].

אַך הַהַגְדָּלוֹת הַשֵּׂכֶל בָּזֶה, צָרִיך לִהְיוֹת בְּמִדָּה שֶׁלּא יֵצֵא מִגְּבוּל הַקְּדֻשָּׁה רַק לְפִי שֵׂכֶל אֱנוֹשִׁי שֶׁלּוֹ כֵּן יַגְדִּיל הַמַּחֲשָׁבָה בָּזֶה וְכֵן לא יִסְתַּכֵּל בָּזֶה לְמַעְלָה מִמַּדְרֵגָתוֹ כִּי 'בַּמֻּפְלָא מִמְּך אַל תִּדְרשׁ' וְזֶה גָּדַלְתָּ מְאד, הוֹד וְהָדָר לָבָשְׁתָּ הַיְנוּ כְּשֶׁרוֹצֶה לִקַּח דָּבָר מִזֶּה הָעוֹלָם שֶׁהוּא בְּחִינַת: "הוֹד וְהָדָר לָבָשְׁתָּ" שֶׁהֵם בְּחִינַת רַגְלִין הַמְלֻבָּשִׁין בְּזֶה הָעוֹלָם יִהְיֶה בִּבְחִינַת גָּדַלְתָּ מְאד הַיְנוּ שֶׁהַהַגְדָּלַת הַשֵּׂכֶל, יִהְיֶה בְּמִדָּה וּבְצִמְצוּם וְזֶה מְאד, שֶׁהוּא סִטְרָא דִּשְׂמָאלָא שֶׁמִּמֶּנּוּ הַצִּמְצוּם [כְּמוֹ שֶׁכָּתוּב בְּסָבָא שָׁם מְאד, דָּא הוּא סִטְרָא דִּשְׂמָאלָא] [כִּי הָרַגְלִין הֵם בְּחִינַת נֶצַח וָהוֹד, שֶׁהֵם בְּחִינַת הוֹד וְהָדָר וּכְמוֹ שֶׁכָּתוּב בְּסָבָא הַנַּ"ל "הוֹד וְהָדָר לָבָשְׁתָּ", אִלֵּין תְּרֵי בַּדֵּי עֲרָבוֹת וְכוּ' עַיֵּן שָׁם שֶׁהֵם בְּחִינַת נֶצַח וָהוֹד בְּחִינַת רַגְלִין כַּיָּדוּעַ].

And even someone who knows how to understand in this, i.e. he is privileged to understand the clues that Hashem Yitbarakh hits him in every thing, and if so wants to delve only in this, i.e. to delve only in matters of this world, since he understands the clues that Hashem Yitbarakh hints him in them --- but in truth this is not reality [eino ken], because a man needs to have a limit on how much he is involved in this world --- only what he absolutely needs from this world. And this is for two reasons: One, because this holiness that is clothed in the mundane matters is aspect of raglin': "`avon `akevai yesubeini/ the crookedness of my heels (supplanters) surround me," because the klipot constantly surround it [this holiness], and want to feed from it, therefore it is a place of danger, therefore he has to suffice with only what is necessary; and secondly, because there is a higher devotion than this, which is a higher holiness that it, and one needs to serve Hashem Yitbarakh in those devotions in those devotions that are higher than this [i.e. even the Tzadik and Chakham who such has a great brain that he can understand the clues that Hashem Yitbarakh hints him in every thing every day, even in mundane mattes, and through this he can serve Hashem Yitbarakh through all kinds of things in the world, even in mundane matters, and if so wishes, God forbid, to delve only in this, i.e. in mundane matters because he knows the clues that are in them and can draw close to service of Hashem Yitbarakh through them, but in truth eino ken --- because it is forbidden to delve too much in mundane matters, even for one who knows and understands these clues, because of the two reasons given: one, that because this devotion in mundane matters is a very dangerous place etc. as mentioned, and two, because there is a higher holiness and devotion than this, i.e. the holiness of the Torah and mitzvot, and therefore even someone who knows these clues, he needs a limit, to only delve into mundane matters as much is absolutely necessary, as mentioned].

וַאֲפִילּוּ מִי שֶׁיּוֹדֵעַ וּמֵבִין בָּזֶה הַיְנוּ שֶׁזּוֹכֶה לְהָבִין הָרְמָזִים שֶׁמְּרַמֵּז לוֹ הַשֵּׁם יִתְבָּרַך בְּכָל דָּבָר וְאִם כֵּן יִרְצֶה לַעֲסֹק רַק בָּזֶה, הַיְנוּ שֶׁיַּעֲסֹק רַק בְּעִסְקֵי הָעוֹלָם הַזֶּה מֵאַחַר שֶׁהוּא מֵבִין הָרְמָזִים שֶׁהַשֵּׁם יִתְבָּרַך מְרַמֵּז בָּהֶם אַך בֶּאֱמֶת אֵינוֹ כֵּן כִּי צָרִיך הָאָדָם שֶׁיִּהְיֶה לוֹ הִסְתַּפְּקוּת לְהִסְתַּפֵּק מִזֶּה הָעוֹלָם, רַק בַּמֶּה שֶּׁצָּרִיך לוֹ בְּהֶכְרֵחִיּוּת מִזֶּה הָעוֹלָם וְזֶה מֵחֲמַת שְׁנֵי טְעָמִים א מֵחֲמַת שֶׁזּאת הַקְּדֻשָּׁה הַמְּלֻבֶּשֶׁת בְּעִסְקֵי הָעוֹלָם הַזֶּה הוּא בְּחִינַת רַגְלִין: "עֲוֹן עֲקֵבַי יְסֻבֵּנִי" שֶׁהַקְּלִיפּוֹת מְסַבְּבִין אוֹתָהּ תָּמִיד, וְרוֹצִין לִינק מֵהֶם עַל כֵּן הוּא מָקוֹם מְסֻכָּן בְּכֵן צָרִיך לְהִסְתַּפֵּק רַק בְּהֶכְרֵחִיּוּת וְעוֹד, מֵחֲמַת שֶׁיֵּשׁ עֲבוֹדָה גְּבוֹהָה מִזּוֹ, שֶׁהוּא קְדֻשָּׁה גְּבוֹהָה מִמֶּנָּה וְצָרִיך לַעֲבד הַשֵּׁם יִתְבָּרַך בְּאוֹתָן הָעֲבוֹדוֹת וְהַקְּדֻשּׁוֹת הַגְּבוֹהוֹת מִזֶּה [הַיְנוּ, שֶׁאֲפִילּוּ הַצַּדִּיק וְהֶחָכָם שֶׁיֵּשׁ לוֹ מחַ גָּדוֹל עַד שֶׁיָּכוֹל לְהָבִין אֶת הָרְמָזִים שֶׁהַשֵּׁם יִתְבָּרַך מְרַמֵּז לוֹ בְּכָל דָּבָר בְּכָל יוֹם, אֲפִילּוּ בְּעִסְקֵי חֹל וְעַל יְדֵי זֶה הוּא יָכוֹל לַעֲבד אֶת הַשֵּׁם יִתְבָּרַך בְּכָל הַדְּבָרִים שֶׁבָּעוֹלָם אֲפִילּוּ בְּעִסְקֵי חֹל וְאִם כֵּן יִרְצֶה, חַס וְשָׁלוֹם, לַעֲסֹק רַק בָּזֶה, דְּהַיְנוּ בְּעִסְקֵי חֹל מֵאַחַר שֶׁהוּא יוֹדֵעַ הָרְמָזִים שֶׁיֵּשׁ בָּהֶם וְיָכוֹל לְהִתְקָרֵב לַעֲבוֹדַת הַשֵּׁם יִתְבָּרַך עַל יָדָם אֲבָל בֶּאֱמֶת אֵינוֹ כֵּן כִּי אָסוּר לְהַרְבּוֹת בְּעִסְקֵי הָעוֹלָם הַזֶּה אֲפִילּוּ לְמִי שֶׁיּוֹדֵעַ וּמֵבִין הָרְמָזִים הַנַּ"ל מֵחֲמַת שְׁנֵי הַטְּעָמִים הַנַּ"ל א מֵחֲמַת שֶׁזּאת הָעֲבוֹדָה בְּעִסְקֵי הָעוֹלָם הַזֶּה הוּא מָקוֹם מְסֻכָּן מְאד וְכוּ' כַּנַּ"ל וְהַב' מֵחֲמַת שֶׁיֵּשׁ קְדֻשָּׁה וַעֲבוֹדָה גְּבוֹהָה מִזֶּה, דְּהַיְנוּ קְדֻשַּׁת הַתּוֹרָה וְהַמִּצְווֹת וְעַל כֵּן אֲפִילּוּ מִי שֶׁיּוֹדֵעַ הָרְמָזִים הַנַּ"ל הוּא צָרִיך הִסְתַּפְּקוּת, לְהִסְתַּפֵּק מִזֶּה הָעוֹלָם בְּהֶכְרֵחִיּוּת לְבַד כַּנַּ"ל]

And this limit is aspect of "`oteh ohr k'shalmah," i.e. aspect of OWR maleh/full light, because the wicked who have do not put limits, as in "the belly of the wicked are always wanting" --- they have the lacking lights (MeORoT ChaSeR), as in "Me`ARaT Hashem b'beit rash`a/The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked" [Prov. 3:33]. But the Tzadikim who put limits, as in "tzadik ochel l'sov`a nafsho/a tzadik eats [just] to maintain his soul" --- with them it is owr maleh, "wayar' Elohim et ha-owr ki tov/And God saw only good in the light;" "tov" can only refer to the Tzadik, for it is said "imru tzadik ki tov/say [of the] righteous only good [shall befall him]" [Isa. 3]. But even this limit for his physical needs, he needs to give from it to tzedakah, "noteh shamayim k'yiri`ah/[You] stretch out the heavens like a curtain," because the Aron haBrit/Ark of the Covenant, which is aspect of `Oni/poor is under the veil, and the veil channels down upon the Aron haBrit, and this is the aspect of tzedakah [explanation: because through tzedakah that the giver gives to the receiver, through this the unification of the tzadik and kenesset Yisrael/Assembly of Yisrael is made, because the tzadik channels upon kenesset Yisrael, which is the aspect of the channeling of the veil onto the Aron haBrit, aspect of "noteh shamayim k'yiri`ah" as mentioned].

וְהַהִסְתַּפְּקוּת הוּא בְּחִינַת עוֹטֶה אוֹר כַּשַּׂלְמָה הַיְנוּ בְּחִינַת אוֹר מָלֵא כִּי הָרְשָׁעִים שֶׁאֵין לָהֶם הַהִסְתַּפְּקוּת, בִּבְחִינַת "וּבֶטֶן רְשָׁעִים תֶּחְסָר" אֶצְלָם מְארת חָסֵר בִּבְחִינַת "מְאֵרַת ה' בְּבֵית רָשָׁע" אֲבָל בַּצַּדִּיקִים שֶׁיֵּשׁ לָהֶם הַהִסְתַּפְּקוּת, בִּבְחִינַת: "צַדִּיק אכֵל לְשׂבַע נַפְשׁוֹ" אֶצְלָם הוּא אוֹר מָלֵא "וַיַּרְא אֱלהִים אֶת הָאוֹר כִּי טוֹב" אֵין טוֹב אֶלָּא צַדִּיק, שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר: "אִמְרוּ צַדִּיק כִּי טוֹב" . וַאֲפִילּוּ מִזֶּה הַהִסְתַּפְּקוּת גּוּפֵהּ, צָרִיך לְהַפְרִישׁ מִמֶּנּוּ לִצְדָקָה נוֹטֶה שָׁמַיִם כַּיְרִיעָה כִּי אֲרוֹן הַבְּרִית, שֶׁהוּא בְּחִינַת עָנִי הִיא תַּחַת הַיְרִיעָה וְהַיְרִיעָה מַשְׁפִּיעַ לַאֲרוֹן הַבְּרִית וְזֶה בְּחִינַת צְדָקָה [פֵּרוּשׁ, כִּי עַל יְדֵי צְדָקָה שֶׁמַּשְׁפִּיעַ הַנּוֹתֵן לְהַמְקַבֵּל עַל יְדֵי זֶה נַעֲשֶׂה יִחוּד צַדִּיק וּכְנֶסֶת יִשְׂרָאֵל שֶׁבְּחִינַת צַדִּיק מַשְׁפִּיעַ לִכְנֶסֶת יִשְׂרָאֵל שֶׁזֶּה בְּחִינַת הַשְׁפָּעַת הַיְרִיעָה לַאֲרוֹן הַבְּרִית בְּחִינַת "נוֹטֶה שָׁמַיִם כַּיְרִיעָה" כַּנַּ"ל]

3. But most people, who do not have the intellect to delve in all this, to understand these clues -- all this is accomplished with them anyway through sleep, and tzitzit, and tefilin, and torah, and prayer, and commerce, because ...

ג.וַהֲמוֹן עַם, שֶׁאֵין לָהֶם זֶה הַשֵּׂכֶל לְהַעֲמִיק בְּכָל זֶה, לְהָבִין הָרְמָזִים כַּנַּ"ל נַעֲשֶׂה אֶצְלָם כָּל זֶה מִמֵּילָא עַל יְדֵי שֵׁנָה, וְצִיצִית, וּתְפִילִּין וְתוֹרָה, וּתְפִילָּה, וּמַשָּׂא וּמַתָּן כִּי