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Friday, February 4, 2011

Tefilah to Move to Eretz Yisroel

Here is a prayer to help all those that yearn to move to Eretz Yisroel but have obstacles in the way.

Lord, Lord, compassionate and merciful G-d, who is patient and great in kindness and truth. In Your great mercy may I and all of Israel merit having strong yearnings and a true desire to come to the Land of Israel, until I merit in Your great mercy and kindness to actualize my desire and will, to go, travel, and come in peace to the Land of Israel speedily. For You know how deeply I need to, and must be in Land of Israel, the Holy Land, due to my great distance from You, my lowly state, the crookedness in my heart, and the confusion in my mind. For all of these reasons it is essential for me to be in the Land of Israel, as there is the foundation and source of the holy faith, and there is the root of all the holiness of Israel. It is the land that G-d chose for his chosen nation, it is the land which G-d's eyes are upon always, the land of true and eternal life, a land that is good and spacious, that You wanted and granted to our forefathers, a land in which is the city of our G-d, His holy mountain, the supernal vista, the joy of the entire world.

Please Lord, Merciful One full of mercy, Kind One full of kindness, Good One full of goodness, Righteous One full of righteousness, Redeemer full of redemptions, in Your good will, mercy and kindness give me as a gift to merit coming to the Land of Israel quickly, the Holy Land, the land that our forefathers inherited, the land to which all the true tzadikim longed and yearned to come. And most of them came there, and effected rectifications there, and merited what they did there, all through the holiness of the Land of Israel, which is the holiest point of the whole world. There our forefather Abraham strive and strained many days and years, and gazed and saw and understood, and investigated and carved through and measured and weighed and counted, until G-d revealed to him this holy land which is the foundation of holiness, the foundation of faith, and He promised to grant it to his descendants for all generations.

Therefore have mercy upon me for the sake of Your Name, and in the merit of our forefather Abraham, and in the merit of all the tzadikim who came there, and allow me as well, even in my extremely lowly state, to merit jumping over all of the obstacles and delays and opposition, which deny me from coming to Israel, to quickly break through all of them and come very speedily to the Holy Land of Israel. Please my Merciful Father, the One who has mercy, have mercy on a poor and pitiful soul like me, whose hands are spread out to You, requesting and pleading for charity and an entirely free gift. And even this I don’t request in true sincerity, due to the confusion in my mind, which is known before You, my Master full of mercy. Even so I await Your salvation and Your goodness and Your abundant kindness and Your great and wondrous righteousness.

Have mercy on me and bring me quickly to the Land of Israel, and give me a strong and courageous heart and mind to merit passing over all the obstacles and confusions including those only in the mind. And grant me money generously for all the expenses and needs of my journey. And may I merit traveling in peace and coming in peace to the Land of Israel, peace in my body, in my Torah and in my finances, peace with no harm. And save me from all evil thoughts and all blemishes. And may no harm reach me from anything in the world during this long journey, G-d forbid, not to my body, my soul or my money, neither physical nor spiritual, and I shall go in peace and arrive in peace. And may I merit doing all that I need to do in the Land of Israel, drawing close to You truthfully due to the holiness of the land, and achieving higher and greater levels of holiness and purity as is Your good will. Amen.

(Likutei Tefilot 84)


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